It's what's on the inside that counts!

Our journey started a few years ago when we decide to eat fresh & healthy vegetables.

Our love for Salads prompted us to buy exotic vegetables which were difficult to get hands on.


Furthermore, the produce we received at times was not fresh either. So one day we

decided to plant some herbs and exotic tomatoes just for the fun of it.

Little did we know that there is so much of science involved behind sowing and harvesting.


Like any beginner in any field, we started our research online, reading articles,

watching videos on how to create a successful garden at home.

After watching and reading for hours, we were very confused about the basics of gardening,

weather, water requirements etc. It did us more harm than good.


We just didn’t know which soil to use, what seeds to sow, how to feed the plants.

Germinating seeds seemed like a daunting and difficult task which only the traditional farmers can do!

We are so grateful to our farmers for the amount of effort involved in producing a single crop.


Both of us kept asking each other why does growing plants have to be so difficult?

That was the moment we decided to embark on this journey!


We welcome you to Bombay Greens – a fun, friendly introduction to the most

rewarding experience of Gardening. We spent endless hours creating best products for you

because there was a time when we felt as helpless as you might be.


It wasn’t too long ago when we WERE you.

It is time to PRUNE the guesswork out of the window. Stop reading, start growing.