Your plant babies must be ready by now to go to their final location. If they are 3 weeks old or are taller than 2 inches, it is time to transplant them. Within a few weeks, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

But before you start

You will need a few things to transplant. We highly recommend you arrange for the below items so that you can transplant them easily & quickly.

Eco friendly Grow bags

- Sustainable Growing Option - Made from Recycled Plastic & Geo Fabric, grow bags are a cleaner alternative than plastic grow bags or traditional pots.
- Breathable Fabric - Keeps the soil temperature cool & provides immense air circulation.
- Prevents Root Bounding
- While growing in grow bags, when the roots reach the wall of the grow
bag they are burned off, which causes the plant to produce new healthy
roots that branch off the original ones.

How to