How to Grow and Take Care of your Money Plant

Updated: Jul 19

Money Plant is one of the most common plants found in almost every house in India as it is believed to bring you good luck and abundance. These fresh green heart-shaped leaves can grow very quickly and can be nurtured even indoors.

However most often than not we land up buying the plant and expect it to grow just by watering it daily.

Although these evergreen perennials require low maintenance and are very adaptable to environmental changes, however if you plan to bring such plants home, this blog can surely help you out.

Let’s start with the most frequent question, how to take care of the money plant? Just keep reading.

Pot Size

If you wonder, how to plant a money plant in the first place? Well! That’s easy. The pot size largely depends on the plant size you wish to keep in your house.

The minimum size should be an 8-inch pot; however, it is better to go for a large one if you are willing to keep the plant permanently, as small bowls or small containers would restrict the plant’s growth.


Watering the plants once a week is perfect for summers as the soil needs to dry up between the watering sessions to prevent root rot due to standing water. One can easily distinguish if the plant needs water by touching the top surface. If you find it dry, you can water it again, or else you can wait for a few days. During winter months, it requires less care as one can water these once every two to three weeks since the growth rate is slow.

Besides, growing a money plant in water alone is also possible. Let’s check out the short brief on how to grow money plants in water. You can take a glass bottle, vase, or jar having a wide mouth, fill it with fresh water (chlorine-free) and place the plant into it (make sure the nodes are soaking in water and have no leaves inside the water). Money plants in water can be easily affected by algae, so to avoid this, you clean the vase or jar regularly, replace the water at least once a week and keep the plant at a spot where they get indirect sunlight. Money plants in water do not show any significant growth at the initial stages, so if you wish to get some better results, you can also add dilute liquid fertilizer of 1/4 strength to water.


An ideal potting mix should be light & fluffy with proper drainage. For this, mixing cocopeat with vermiculite is a very good option. It helps in proper drainage, which allows aeration to the plants, and adding some compost or fertilizer helps the plant grow better.


This point for money plant care is another crucial step to follow. Money plants grow well in bright indirect sunlight and partially shady areas. However, too much sunlight can scorch the leaves, and too little sunlight can cause the leaves to turn yellow and wilt. So, placing the plant near a window & rotating it regularly for even light distribution can help your plant grow better.


Money plants aren’t heavy feeders, so applying the fertilizers once a month would be great. The ideal fertilizer would be a slow-release composted fertilizer that will feed the plant for a month. While using, you need to make sure that the soil is damp, and you are the amount as per the manufacturer’s instruction only. Also, you are feeding them in the evening as the fertilizers might affect the roots severely. Besides, in the winter, fertilizers for money plant care aren’t required.


Once you see that your money plant is outgrowing the pot, you can re-pot the money plant to a larger container. And, it will add some more greenery to your house.

We hope you follow this money plant care guide. Happy gardening!

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