🌼 100% Organic All purpose fertilizer for plants that flower. Contains 3-3-5 NPK along with micronutrients and thousands of living microbes

🌼 Regular application results in big and colorful flowers. Designed to deliver a steady supply of essential nutrients to your plants while enhancing soil fertility

🌼 Much more effective than using compost for plants or manure for home gardening. Contains all essential nutrients that is ideal for for use throughout the growing season

🌼 Gently releases nutrients in the soil that does not cause burning. Completely safe for humans and plants

🌼 Directions to use: Handful of fertilizer mixed with the top layer of the soil once in 15 days. While planting transplants: 2 handfuls mixed thoroughly in potting mix if pot size less than 12 inches and 3 handfuls if pot size more than 12 inches

Organic Fertilizer for Roses & Flowers with 3-3-5 NPK - 900 Grams