🌱 SOIL LESS 4 in 1 MIX - Makes 12.5 kgs of Potting mix for Home gardening. Contains Low EC Cocopeat, Exfoliated Vermiculite, Organic Fertilizer Compost, Natural Fungicide - Neem cake Powder. Great alternative to garden soil or sand for plants in containers

🌱 Grows up to 2X bigger plants than potting soil. Creates 90% more air space than traditional mitti

🌱 Light, Fluffy and High draining pot mix. Better root growth and full of nutrition and microbes. Reduces weight of pots by 40% compared to red soil or mud

🌱 Releases water slowly throughout the day. 🥕Great for all vegetables and flowers 🌼

🌱100% Organic. No synthetic chemicals used in any of the ingredients. Perfect for home gardeners. Ships right to your door in a lightweight package, so no heavy lifting


4 in 1 Soil less Potting Mix with Cocopeat, Vermiculite,Neem Powder & Fertilizer

  • After adding water to Cocopeat and mixing all the ingredients, the weight of the final potting mix is around 12.5kg


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