• Organic, all natural, fast release fertilizer that contains Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid, Seaweed, Cytokines, Auxins and Micronutrients
  • Don’t use chemical fertilizers in your Flower garden. Switch to all natural fertilizer for best results such as deep colors and heavy blooms
  • Roses and Orchids need special care than other flowers. They are heavy feeders and appreciate constant supply of nutrients for beautiful yield
  • Can be used in Hydroponics system as well as foliar spray also
  • Only use it on plants that have minimum 6-8 leaves.

Roses & Orchids Organic Liquid Fertilizer

    • Mix 2 grams in litre of water
    • For small pots apply 500ml solution
    • For big pots apply 1 litre solution
    • Use once in 7 days for a big, bountiful harvest
    • Can be used as soil drenching or as foliar spray