EASILY GROW YOUR OWN TEMPLE OFFERINGS AT HOME: There's nothing better than growing your own garden full of temple offerings. Bombay Greens grow kit contains everything you need to grow 3 offerings from seed: Tulsi, Genda, Aparijat


  • 3 easy Steps on how to grow:


  • Pour water on Coco discs and let it expand. Mix Plant food with expanded cocopeat.
  • Fill the container with the mix
  • Sprinkle seeds, spray water and keep them in sunlight


That's it. As simple as that!

Temple Offerings Kit - Tulsi, Genda, Aparijat

  • The kit contains everything you need to get growing:


    • 3 Types of seeds (~5 seeds per variety) - Tulsi, Genda, Aparijat
    • 3 Grow pots
    • 4 Coco peat pellets compressed
    • 1 Pack of Organic fertilizer
    • 3 Plant markers
    • 1 Grow Guide/Manual