Organic Fertilizer for
all Veggies
  • Organic, all natural, fast release fertilizer with NPK value of 10-10-10 and micronutrients

  • Don’t use chemical fertilizers in your Vegetable garden. Switch to all natural fertilizer with high NPK for best results

  • Perfect for all vegetables like Tomatoes, Brinjals, Gourds, Lady Fingers etc

  • 1 packet of 200 grams can make 200 applications of solution

  • Can be used as soil drenching or as foliar spray. Mix 2 grams in litre of water. For big pots apply 1 litre solution or apply 500ml solution for smaller pots. Use once in 7 days for a big, bountiful harvest

There's nothing better than growing your own kitchen garden full of healthy produce.


The kit contains everything you need to get growing, including 3 types of seeds, 3 grow pots, compressed coco pellets, organic fertilizer, plant markers, and a comprehensive gardening guide.


Instead of getting your loved ones another gift, get them a hobby instead! This garden kit makes a fantastic gift choice for men, women and children who have it all, and looking for a fun activity to experiment. Our grow kits are suitable for urban gardening, which makes them the perfect gift choice for anyone living in apartments. Popular present for Diwali,Raksha Bandhan, housewarmings, birthdays and holidays. You can take our word for it - they will love it!


Be rest assured that this kit contains nothing but the highest quality gardening supplies available. Our kit includes a detailed guide with important tips and gardening hacks, to make sure your first gardening experience will be a huge success, and in case you will have any questions along the way, our gardening experts will be there with you every step of the way to support you and answer any questions.