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Liquid Organic Fertilizer for Roses & Orchids
Liquid Organic Fertilizer for Roses & Orchids
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Gardening Mats - Plant Repotting Mats
Gardening Mats - Plant Repotting Mats
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3 in 1 Mini Gardening Tools Kit – (Set of 3)
3 in 1 Mini Gardening Tools Kit – (Set of 3)
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Test Tube Wall Planter with Wooden Holder (set of 3)

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I'm a huge fan of this soil less potting mix. Thank u Bombay Greens...❤🥰

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Our love for Salads prompted us to buy exotic vegetables which were difficult to get hands on.

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We are so glad to have you join the Bombay Greens growing family. We are even more glad to have people who share the same passion for gardening as we do. If you’re confused or feeling stuck as to what to do next on your gardening journey, that’s alright, we are here to help. 

From gardening products to blogs - we help you enhance your gardening knowledge or teach you something new. The range of products and gardening accessories we have for you will help you make your garden look fresh and lively.

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Before starting your gardening journey, it is essential to plan your garden. Determine the type of plants you want to grow, the location, the soil quality, and the amount of sunlight your garden receives. This will help you create a garden that thrives and meets your expectations. Using the correct gardening accessories will make this process easier for you.

Our gardening kits and seeds, organic fertilisers, potting soil, and mixtures, will ensure your plant babies are growing healthy. Use our decorative metal pots and jute planters in your garden and living room to enhance your home aesthetics.

Every gardening enthusiast likes growing plants from scratch. If you are someone who likes to grow vegetables and herbs from seeds, we have just the right range of seed packets for you. Choose from a variety of seeds like tomato seeds, basil seeds, dill seeds, and more to make your kitchen garden green and thriving. You can also check our range of Eco-Friendly Grow Kits and Mini Gardening Tools to make your gardening journey easier.

Useful Gardening Supplies & Tools for your Garden at Bombay Greens

Plant Care Supplies

Plant care is a necessity, when you ignore plant care your plant babies might succumb to  mites, bugs or other plant diseases. Plant care gardening supplies provide vital nutrients to your plants while creating a shield to fight against potential diseases or insects. Liquid Organic Fertilizer Combo for both flowers and vegetables works extremely well for instant nutrition to your plants. Being organic it is 100% safe and you can start witnessing results within 7 days of use. Having a dense amount of micro and macronutrients, the liquid organic fertiliser for vegetables acts as a complete plant food and works wonders for soil-based as well as water-based plants. If you are looking for plant care gardening supplies online specifically for roses, we have liquid organic fertiliser for roses and other flowers, which are enhanced with micronutrients. These organic fertilizers help in growing big and beautiful roses and orchids quickly. Each pack of 200 gms comprises Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid, Seaweed, Cytokines and Auxins.

Pest Control Method

Regardless of the level of care, you provide your plants, there are chances that your plants will experience some level of pest infestation. It’s a myth that houseplants are immune to typical garden pests and maladies like fungus gnats, mites, powdery mildew, and black spots just because they are kept indoors. These plant ailments can also spread among indoor plants if proper pest control methods are not followed on time. Routine pest control procedures act as preventive precautions and also make up a significant portion of plant care procedures. Bombay Greens, the best gardening store online, offers you organic garden pest control products like Neem Oil for plants and Neem Cake Powder which works to protect your plants from pests and nematodes.  Neem Oil for plants: A 100% pure cold-pressed neem oil works as a herbal fungicide, prevents mosquitoes and flies in the house, controls eggs, larvae and adult stages of garden paste, and deals with blackspot, powdery mildew, rust, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies and other pests. Neem Cake Powder: It’s one of the best organic fertilizers that works like a natural fungicide and protects plant roots from pests and diseases.  

Plant Nutrition

Just like any other living individual, plants too need nutrition for germination, growth and combat against pests and other diseases.  Bombay Greens’ 4-in-1 Soil Less Potting mix with cocopeat, vermiculite, neem powder, and fertiliser, provides a boost of nutrition to your plants. This light and fluffy soil mix reduces soil infestations, is airy and spacious for better root growth, enables faster root growth and gives 2X size plants. It works perfectly for potted plants and aids in the slow release of water, all day long. Another nutrition supplement that does wonders for your home plants is our 2-in-1 Soil Less Potting Mix with Low EC Cocopeat and Organic Fertilizer. It features a high-draining mic and expands 2.5 times the regular potting mix.  Get your hands on quality garden supplies online from the best gardening store online.

Make Your Gardening Experience More Enjoyable With Our Gardening Products Online

Bombay Greens has a wide range of gardening products online including gardening kits, tools, seeds, fertilizers, and lots more. Here are some of our garden supplies online that will make your gardening journey enjoyable.

Gardening Kits & Seeds:

In this category, we have different types of kits and seeds which include: - 3 in 1 DIY Gardening Kit which contains seeds of herbs, flowers, and vegetables you can grow in your garden and use in your kitchen. These include chillies, tomatoes, salad, herbs, flavours, and many more plants. - Eco-friendly Grow Kits - These grow kits contain seeds, coco discs, eco-friendly growing containers etc. You can now grow your microgreens, herbs and flowers easily. - Gardening Seed Kits are small pouches of seeds that can be given as gifts to other gardening lovers. - Eco-friendly microgreens kits are quick, easy-to-grow greens that do not require much time, space, or sunlight before they begin to sprout. - Gardening Gifts - Have a friend who is as excited about gardening as you? Our gardening gifts with seeds, aroma oils and self-care kits can be unique gardening wedding gifts for your loved ones.

Organic Fertilizers:

This category of gardening products contains the following: - Organic liquid fertilizers that are 100% water soluble. They are suitable for all vegetables and flowers and give visible results in 7 days of usage. - Organic composted fertilizers provide nutrition to plants at a slower rate but with double the growth of your flowers, fruits, and vegetables. - is a mild nutrition option for indoor plants to help them grow healthier and bigger. - is a herbal organic pesticide & fungicide for your plants to control the spread of pests, mealy bugs, fungi etc.

Potting Soil & Mixtures:

Bombay Greens offers various options for soil for your potted plants for terrace gardening or kitchen gardening. Choose from our wide range: - 4-in-1 potting mix is a soil-less potting mixture that will help grow your plants twice as big. It contains Cocopeat, Vermiculite, Neem Powder & Organic Fertilizer - Gardening mat is a plant repotting mat that prevents a messy floor and is super easy to clean. - Mini gardening tools are sets of gardening accessories that will make your gardening easier. - Organic cocopeat is a low EC, compressed, and sterilised soil alternative that is 100% natural and organic. - Horticulture Grade Vermiculite helps to improve heavier soil and promote root growth.

Pots & Planters:

Pots and planters make growing plants easier and more accessible apart from adding beauty to your garden. Bombay Greens is a gardening store online, where you can find Fabric Grow Bags, Metal Planters, and Jute & Cotton planters to make your garden look pretty and neat. These grow bags come in various sizes, shapes, colours, and fabrics. Get these grow bags online now.

Explore The Wide Range Of Gifts For Gardening Lovers

Gardening Gifts for gardening lovers like us! Gardening products can sometimes be hard to look for, especially when you’re not sure where to look. But if you’ve found us, then you can get some home garden accessories and supplies for your friends, families, and other loved ones who are into gardening.

Our range of gardening gifts comes in various categories and we have something for different settings like:-

Corporate Gifts:

Gift eco-friendly unique plant gifts to your employees, vendors, and co-workers for green gifting. Find different types of gardening kits, gardening accessories, eco-friendly gifts, plants and custom hampers to gift your employees or your clients. These gardening gifts include customised seeds, eco-friendly kits, mini tool kits, and more.

Wedding Gifts:

Looking for wedding favours in India or return gifts for wedding guests? Or want to gift something unique and green for your garden-loving friend for their wedding? How about our specially packed wedding gift that includes custom hampers, microgreen kits, nano grow kits, and much more?

Personalized Gifts:

This eco-friendly option of gifting is a thoughtful gift to anyone who you want to share your love of gardening with. Or maybe someone who’s looking to get into something new and you know they would love gardening.

Diwali Gifts:

Gift your loved ones something new and fresh this Diwali. Our range of Diwali hampers includes plantable mithai, crackers, sweets, and lots more. This gifting option supports the livelihood of the rural women that hand-make the seed fireworks and mithai.

Environment Day 2024: Bombay Green’s Initiative Role in Shaping a Sustainable Future

Sustainable products are at the heart of Bombay Greens’ mission to create a better future for the planet. Our environmentally conscious gift kits, such as the Microgreens Gift Kit, encourage you to grow your own plants and vegetables at home. Not only does these Environment Day initiatives help you produce sustainable food, but it also reduces waste and encourages you to connect with nature more deeply.

Celebrating Environment Day on June 5th is an important annual event that raises global awareness about environmental issues and the urgent need for action. By giving Bombay Greens' sustainable Environment Day eco-friendly products on this occasion of Earth day, individuals and businesses can actively contribute to the cause of environmental protection and conservation.

When you choose to purchase sustainable Environment Day gifts from us at Bombay Greens, you’re making a conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint, and you’re supporting businesses that prioritise sustainability. Together, we can make a difference and create a sustainable future for everyone.

Why Choose Bombay Greens For All Your Gardening Needs?

At Bombay Greens, we want to share our love of gardening with everyone who is looking to start something new or dig deeper into their love for gardening. We have created everything that we needed when we started our gardening journey and we hope these things will help you on your journey as well. Our love and ideas meet here, in a place we can bring something you need so that we can experience it together. Our Green living gardening products, supplies, and accessories will help you take your love for gardening to the next level. Upgrade your garden with our home garden accessories and supplies. If you’re feeling lost or stuck, check out our blogs, for you will find something there, that will guide you on what to do next. So, what are you waiting for? Start Growing!

FAQs on Garden Essentials

What are the components of indoor gardening?

Indoor gardening can be easily done with the right choice of pots and planters, indoor plants and soil. Indoor plants require less or indirect sunlight. You can choose indoor plants and place them in the correct spots near a window that gets good sunlight. Use gardening accessories to cultivate the soil and water the plants regularly.

What are the different types of gardening?

There are different types of gardening which include outdoor gardening, indoor gardening, kitchen gardening, herb gardening, flower gardening, fruit gardening, and vegetable gardening

What are some ways to control pests in my garden?

One of the best ways to control pests without using any chemical pesticide is to use 100% pure natural cold-pressed neem oil which acts as a herbal organic pesticide and fungicide to keep fungal infections in plants at bay.

What basic tools do I need to start gardening?

You need a hand trowel, a hand fork (or garden fork), pruners, a watering can, and other things along the way. Our 3-in-1 mini gardening kit provides you with basic gardening accessories.

What is the best way to prepare the soil for gardening?

Preparing the soil is an essential step to ensuring a successful garden. Ensure you are clearing weeds and adding compost, aged manure, or other organic matter to improve the soil's texture and nutrient content. Also, it is better to loosen the soil using a gardening fork from time to time.

What is the theme for Environment Day this year 2024?

The theme for World Environment Day 2024 and Environment Day campaigns is "Land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience" with the slogan "Our Land, Our Future. We are #GenerationRestoration." This theme focuses on reviving the different ecosystems worldwide and promoting sustainable land management practices.

What are some eco-friendly practices to adopt on Environment Day?

To celebrate Environment Day activities, adopt eco-friendly practices such as using recyclable bags, having bamboo or metal straws, and conserving energy by turning off switches and taps when not in use. Additionally, reduce plastic consumption, Environment Day tree planting, separate waste into recyclables, take part in Environment Day clean-up and choose energy-efficient appliances to contribute to a sustainable future.