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These seed mithais have given me a job & helped me support my children’s education. It has uplifted my self-esteem & made my life meaningful!

– Bhanu Devi

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Importance of Wedding Gifts

Weddings are a grand affair in India, and thus, Indian wedding gifts for couples hold sentimental value. Wedding presents go far beyond their material value, and everyone enjoys the meaning and effort put into selecting them.

Are you looking for some unique eco-friendly wedding gift ideas?

Eco-friendly wedding gifts are the current trend as they carry the well-wishes and love of friends and family while serving as a gesture of being mindful towards the planet. Thoughtful personalized wedding gifts bring joy to the newly-wed couple. This wedding season give sustainable wedding gifts that are practical useful and eco-friendly.

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Check Out Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Options at Bombay Greens

Bombay Greens bring you a wide range of eco-friendly wedding gifts in India that will surprise the newlyweds and will be a great addition to their new home. Let us take a look at these sustainable wedding gifts. 

Blessings in a Box

This cute hamper is the perfect wedding gift for a couple starting their new life together. This hamper is packed in a cute decorative gold foil box with plantable beej mithais, pooja oil, ceramic diyas, incense cones, and camphor cones. The new couple will love these handcrafted wedding presents. 

Sparkling Wedding Surprise 

It is an eco-friendly wedding gift that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. The Bombay Greens Sparkling Wedding Surprise box comes with cute surprises like ceramic diyas, plantable beej mithais, and fragrant incense cone packs. It is presented in a beautiful gold foil box. 

Ceramic Diya Wedding Gift 

What better way to bring bright shine to the newlyweds' lives than some gorgeous and vibrant ceramic diyas? These ceramic diyas are a good option for sustainable wedding gifts because they are reusable, easy to clean, can be used with oil or ghee, and also work as candle holders. 

Wedding Treats Hamper

Bombay Greens Wedding Treats Hamper contains tasty treats like flavoured spicy dry fruit mix, fragrant incense cones, and ceramic diyas. The treats are packed in a beautiful gold foil pack, making the hamper look stunning.

Temple Treasure 

Get the Temple Treasure wedding gifts online on Bombay Greens because they are perfect for the new couple’s pooja needs at their new home. This eco-friendly wedding gift contains Temple Offerings Grow Kit, handmade ceramic diyas & fragrant incense cones that will make their daily prayers easier. 

Plantable Beej Mithai Grow Kit

Want to give sustainable wedding gifts that are cute, too? Gift them a Plantable Beej mithai Grow Kit, which comes with all the things one would need to start a terrace garden in a new home. The kit contains a plantable beej mithai with tomato, radish, okra, or amaranthus seeds. This eco-friendly wedding gift also comes with a coir pot, cocopeat discs and a growing card to help them start with their gardening journey. 

Beej Mithai

Weddings and sweets are synonymous but what happens when you have a sweet that can give life to something? Yes, our Plantable Mithai Gift Hamper is not for the tummy but for the garden. These laddo and barfi look-alike mithais contain seeds of various plants like okara, amaranthus, tomato or radish. These sustainable wedding gifts can be planted in the garden for the much-needed greenery in the home.

Plantable Mithai Gift Hamper

If you are looking for eco-friendly wedding gift ideas, the Plantable Mithai Gift Hamper by Bombay Greens will prove to be a hit. This unique wedding gift idea contains 2 plantable Laddos with 2 plantable Barfi. Doesn’t it sound super fun and unique? So, using the plantable laddoos, one can grow tomatoes or radishes, and by using the plantable seed Barfis, one can grow Okra & Amaranthus. What’s more? Well, all of these sweets come in super cute packaging, making it a perfect marriage gift for couples, while the seed sweets look delicious and tempting at the same time. 

Temple Offerings Kit

A wedding in India is incomplete without temple offerings and thus, the Temple Offering Kit is the perfect choice for wedding gifts for couples in India. By gifting this kit to a married couple, you can ensure that they will never be short of flowers for Temple offerings. So, what does this wedding gift for marriage contain? The Temple Offerings Kit by Bombay Greens contains 3 types of seed for Tulsi, Genda, & Aparajita plants, along with 3 grow pots, 4 compressed Coco peat pellets, organic fertiliser, 3 plant markers, and a detailed growing guide, making it the perfect choice among wedding gifts for couples in India. 

Edible Flowers Kit

In Indian tradition, we have always gifted wedding gifts that would help the new couple start a life together. Keeping the same heritage in mind, Bombay Greens has a unique gift idea that would suffice for the meaning of giving a wedding gift the right way. The Edible Flowers Kit by Bombay Greens contains a set of three edible flowers - Sunflower, Zinnia, and Butterfly Pea. So, by shopping this kit as a marriage gift for couples, you are not only gifting the newlywed couple a set of plants but also an activity and experience they can enjoy doing together.  


Eco-friendly wedding gifts without a planter sound incomplete. This wooden table planter with three glass test tubes will help them create their hydroponic indoor garden. 

Choosing green wedding gifts presents a lovely show of affection not only to the happy couple but also towards Mother Earth. Bombay Greens is the best place to get sustainable wedding gifts online. From grow kits and decorative items, you can find a plethora of options on our site. As we all celebrate love and union, may our common choices be an aspect towards safeguarding the ecological environment for all. 

Why Should You Give Bombay Greens Kits As Wedding Gifts?

Thinking why should you give Bombay Greens Planting Kits as wedding gifts to couples? Let’s find out the reasons together.

Something They Can Do Together

The growing kits by Bombay Greens come with seed packets, pots, a growing manual and everything else needed to grow the plants. So, these growing kits can be a perfect wedding gift for couples as they could be something they can do together and bond over.

Can Symobolise Love

When you grow a plant from scratch, it holds an important place in your heart. Same, when a married couple will grow these plants together received as wedding gifts, these plant will not only hold a special place in their lives but will also symolise the couple’s growing love for each other over time.

Good For The Environment

The Wedding gift seed kits by Bombay Greens are 100% eco friendly and good for the environment. So, if you are looking for an environment friendly wedding gift for a climate/planet conscious couple, we should be your first choice.

Super Unique Wedding Gifts

While everyone gives flowers, kitchenware, and house hold items as gifts in a marriage, if you are looking for unique wedding gifts, Bombay Greens Plant Growing Kits should be your first priority. These seed growing kits work as a great wedding gift for couple who share a love for gardening.

Practical & Useful Wedding Gifts

Bombay Greens seeds and planting kits are not only a unique wedding gifting choice but these are practical at the same time. Our products like the Edible Flower Kit with which you can grow 3 edible plants at home and Plantable Mithai Gift Hamper with plantable Ladoos and Barfis can be the best choices for practical and useful wedding gifts. 


How should I choose the right wedding favour for the celebration?

Weddings are special occasions thus wedding favours also should be special. Choose unique wedding favours so that your guests will always remember them. Some of the best personalized wedding favors can be Mini Garden Kit or Custom Hampers with gardening supplies. Buy eco-friendly wedding gifts online on Bombay Greens.

Is it okay to send eco-friendly wedding Gifts?

It is perfectly okay to send eco-friendly wedding gifts to newlywed couples because you are being mindful towards the earth and gifting something useful and practical.

What is a good wedding gift for someone who loves gardening?

Bombay Greens plant growing kits are a great choice of wedding gifts for couples. These growing kits come with everything one will need to successfully grow plants at home and can be an amazing activity that new couples can do together.