Gardening Seed Kits

A fun way to grow plants!

Our Seed Packs is the most easy way to get started with Gardening. It is perfect as gardening gifts for birthday parties, weddings or corporate gifting.
Fun gardening kits for kids and adults both.

The Seed Packs includes :
• 1 Pack of Seeds
• 1 Eco-Friendly Reusable Cotton Pouch
• 1 Quirky Plant Tag

Let’s make gardening fun & easy!

Gardening Seed Kits

Grow your own vegetables, herbs & flowers easily! These Seed Packs or Garden Seeds Kit contain the most premium quality seeds you need to start kitchen garden or terrace garden.

Non GMO seeds

Explore our Eco-Friendly Options

Mini Gardening Tools

3 in 1 Mini Gardening Tools Kit

The Kit includes :
• One Jute Pouch
• One Shovel: 20 x 4 cm
• One Rake: 16.5 x 4 cm
• One Spade: 21.3 x 2.5 cm

Honest Customer Reviews

My go to brand for my gardening needs. Since the day I came across this brand, I've been a fan of it.
- Avani

I'm a huge fan of this soil less potting mix... it's very beneficial for my plants.. Thank u bombay greens...❤🥰
- Gargi

I have been using potting Mix and Liquid fertilizer from Bombay Greens and they are really superb. Thank you Bombay Greens. ❤️
- Suruchi

Chetan Soni

The grow kits offered are a fun DIY..
Cheers to BOMBAY GREENS for my beautiful plants.
-Chetan Soni

Buy DIY Grow Kits

Growing plants at home has never been this easy!

Our DIY Gardening Kits include everything you need to grow 3 Healthy plant varieties!
The Terrace Kit includes :
• 3 Seedling pots
• 3 Varieties of Seeds
• Cocopeat Discs
• Organic plant food
• Plant tags
• Grow guide

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FAQs on Seed Packets


You can’t use seed packets from Bombay Greens to grow indoor plants. Our seed packets need to be sown in an area that receives ample sunlight for early germination. Our seed packets are made of reusable cotton pouches, featuring quirky tags. You can start your gardening journey with a collection of premium seeds from us.

A single seed packet of vegetables and flowers comes with approximately 30-50 seeds depending on the flower plant and vegetable you choose.

You must take the following points into consideration while buying organic seeds online

  1. Look for GMO-free seeds.
  2. Check for the organic or eco-friendly tag on the seed packet.
  3. Buy from a trusted source.
  4. Check for combo offers on seed packets to save on your pocket.
  5. Drop a query on their website, if you have any doubts.
  6. Check about seed harvesting, sowing and germination details.
  7. Look at the packaging date. 
  8. Check the seed count in each seed packet.
  9. Try your hands on some new varieties of organic seeds online.

Finally check the additional cost, if any like shipping charges on seed packets.

If you love gardening and are thinking of adding new members to your garden family, then you must check out the garden seeds collection of Bombay Greens. They have a great pool of vegetable and flower seeds such as Italian Basil, Tulsi, Cucumber, Red cherry tomato, spicy chilly, Zinnia, Sunflower, Dill seeds and Butterfly Blue Pea seeds.


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We do not offer returns on the products however we issue replacements if there is a concern with the item. For replacements, please write to us on


Orders once placed through cannot be cancelled and no refunds will be made once an order has been successfully placed.

 Indoor Gardening with Different Types of Seed Packets

There’s something peaceful about gardening. Having a piece of nature in your home can be exactly what you need to lead a calming and serene lifestyle. Yes, it takes work, and that’s where we come in. You can get any seed, like vegetable seeds for home gardens at Bombay Greens.

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Along with these garden seeds, we have a wide range of gardening supplies and articles that will guide you through creating your indoor garden - something you can be proud of. By buying garden seeds online, you are investing to create something out of nothing and care for it. If it’s a new experience for you, we promise you will quickly fall in love with growing the organic seeds you get from the packets of flower seeds online.

With our range of organic seeds, you can enjoy a garden full of your favourite plants, herbs, vegetables, and more. Get flower seed packets of different varieties from us and let us celebrate each milestone of your progress with you. We know what it takes to grow a plant and have your garden, so buy garden seeds online at Bombay Greens now.

Explore Bombay Greens for metal planters to grow your fruits, herbs, vegetables, and other plants. These planters and different varieties of pots give your home an aesthetic that also elevates your garden space. You can also get eco-friendly grow bags on Bombay Greens.

What Is Included In The Bombay Greens Seed Gift Packet?

In our seed gift packets, you will find more than just seeds to grow. These seed packets come in a rustic cotton pouch. It also comes with a cute wooden “I’m Rooting for You” plant tag which adds an aesthetic value to your planter with these seedlings.

 When you buy seeds online at Bombay Greens, you get something extra, like the plant tag and an eco-friendly and reusable cotton pouch. Here is a list of the items you can find in our herb, vegetable, or flower seed gift packets online.

  • 1 Cotton Pouch - Width -16cm, Height - 18.5cm
  • 1 Wooden Plant Tag - Width -5.08cm, Height - 8.89cm
  • Pack of Seeds

Browse through Bombay Greens for all your plants’ fertilizers to help grow your garden twice the size and produce big and beautiful flowers that will leave your garden looking colourful and alive. Check out our range of fertilizers for rose plants.

Organic Seeds Packets Available at Bombay Greens

All our seed gift packets come with a rustic cotton bag and a wooden name tag that will perk up the aesthetic charm of your tiny seedlings: 

  • Italian Basil Seeds

Endow your culinary preparations with the rich aroma of Italian basil. If you have an affinity for adding Mediterranean flavours to your dishes, these organic seeds will be great. 

  • Tulsi Seeds

Tulsi is known for its many medicinal benefits. Many people consume it to promote overall well-being.

  • Cucumber Seeds

These all-season seeds will help you add a hydrating element to your salads and snacks through refreshing cucumbers. It's a delightful snack that is tasty and healthy. 

  • Red Cherry Tomato Seeds

Our cherry tomatoes will add flavour to your salads and sauces. You can also add seasoning and honey to washed cherry tomatoes and enjoy them as a snack. 

  • Spicy chilli seeds

You can cultivate fiery chillies with our organic seeds. Enhance your dining experience by adding a bold kick to your favourite dishes.

  • Zinnia seeds

Add a zest of colour to any space with these organic seeds. Their vibrant and charming flowers will make you fall in love with them.

  • Sunflower Seeds

Add a touch of brightness to your garden and enjoy the health benefits of these seeds as a wholesome snack.

  • Butterfly Blue pea seeds

When you buy these seed packets from us, you shall be able to experience the beauty of enchanting blue pea flowers. It won't just add a touch of elegance to your garden but add a gorgeous hue to your culinary preparations and beverages as well.

  • Dill seeds

Dill seeds have a mesmerising aroma and they are ideal for seasoning, pickling, etc. These seeds are perfect taste enhancers for your dishes. 

Why choose Bombay Greens for all your gardening needs?

Bombay Greens is an online organic seeds store for gardening lovers who want to move further along in their journey or rediscover their love for gardening. Whether you’re just starting or getting back to it, Bombay Greens will guide you along and equip you with the right tools and knowledge to grow your garden to the best of your ability.

From our experiences as gardening fanatics, we have created various collections of gardening products that have helped us along our journey, making it easier and more enjoyable. It is these same ranges of products that we bring to you to make the journey just as enjoyable for you. Explore Bombay Greens for mini gardening tools, gardening kits, tools, and more online.

Get the best organic vegetable organic seeds online in India at Bombay Greens.


How long does it take for seeds to grow in a plant?

There are different seed packets and since each seed is unique, it can take varying amounts of time to germinate and grow into a plant.

Can I grow plants from the seed packets in containers or small spaces?

You can grow these garden organic seeds in small spaces or in containers, such as the pots and planters we offer.

What is the typical shelf life of seeds?

Organic seeds can be good for 2-3 years when kept in a cool and dry place. 

How deep should I plant the seeds?

You can follow the specific guidelines shared on the organic seed packets. Generally, small seeds are planted at a shallow depth, and big seeds are deeply planted.  

Are organic seeds worth it?

Choosing organic seeds promotes eco-friendly and sustainable gardening practices. It also contributes to healthier eating habits.