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6 in 1 Gardening Tools Kit

Contents- 1 Hand Cultivator, 1 Hand Fork, 1 Trowel, 1 Hand Weeder, 1 Pair of Garden Hand Gloves, 1 Pruner Cutter, 1 Tool box

Organic Liquid Fertilizers

Organic Liquid Fertilizers

1. 100% organic
2. Visible results in 7 days
3. Water Soluble Fertilizer
4. 2x Plant Growth

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My go to brand for my gardening needs. Since the day I came across this brand, I've been a fan of it.
- Avani

I'm a huge fan of this soil less potting mix... it's very beneficial for my plants.. Thank u bombay greens...❤🥰
- Gargi

I have been using potting Mix and Liquid fertilizer from Bombay Greens and they are really superb. Thank you Bombay Greens. ❤️
- Suruchi

Chetan Soni

The grow kits offered are a fun DIY..
Cheers to BOMBAY GREENS for my beautiful plants.
-Chetan Soni

Flowers & Indoor Plant Fertilizer

This combo contains:

  • Flower Liquid Fertilizer
  • Indoor Plant Fertilizer


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Bombay Greens Organic Manure For Plant Growth

No matter whether you have just started your gardening journey or have been practising it for a long, a common question encounters almost all - Whether to choose organic manure for plants or synthetic fertilizers?

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Keep on reading to know which one is better. However, if you are on the hunt for the best manure for your garden, you have landed at the right place. Bombay Greens bring you a range of 100% garden manure online. We offer you organic manure online in 6 different varieties: 

  1. Organic Fertiliser for Roses & Flowers - With 3-3-5 NPK
  2. Organic Fertiliser for Vegetables - With 3-4-4 NPK
  3. Organic Fertiliser for House Plants - Suitable for Money plants, Aloe Vera, Succulents, Cacti, etc. 
  4. 100% Organic Vermicompost - For Vegetables and Flowers
  5. Organic Cow Manure - Excellent for all types of plants and can be mixed with potting mixture
  6. Neem Cake Powder - Protects roots from pests and diseases while improving soil texture.

Get yourself the best quality soil-less potting mix from Bombay Greens.

Significance Of Compost Manure For Your Plants

Using compost manure for plants has a significant impact on plant growth, soil fertility and the environment as a whole. 

On Plant Growth 

  • Provides immense nutrition
  • Aids plant growth
  • Reduces plant mortality rates

On Soil 

  • Improves soil texture 
  • Enhances soil’s moisture retention capacity
  • Feeds the soil food web with essential nutrients
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilisers

On Environment

  • Leaves no carbon footprints
  • Reduces waste
  • Makes use of agricultural waste

While you get garden manure online from us, you can also make a move towards building a safe and healthy environment by purchasing eco-friendly grow bags and microgreens kits from us.

Why Choose Manure Fertilizer For Your Plants Over Synthetic Ones?

Organic compost fertiliser in comparison to synthetic fertilisers helps balance the soil ecology. The organic matter present in the compost manure breaks down in the soil and releases nutrients that are essential for plant growth. Organic manure also regulates the activity of microorganisms which are considered essential for improving soil fertility and texture. 

By improving the texture, organic manure fertilisers increase the water and moisture retention capacity of soil which is important for plant growth, however, the same is not the case with synthetic fertilisers. 

Organic garden manure gives back to the environment by fertilising the soil, whereas synthetic fertilisers reduce soil fertility as a result of chemical nitrogen driving excessive microbial development, which over time depletes the soil's organic content.

Organic cow manure fertiliser or liquid fertiliser does not cause burns to plants or humans. However, synthetic fertilisers may burn your greenies.

Hence, it’s always a great decision to prefer organic manure as compared to synthetic ones. Along with the best manure for the garden, Bombay Greens also offers you a range of gardening products to make your greenies flourish and your gardening journey joyful.

How To Use Organic Compost Fertilizer?

Organic compost fertiliser is like a superfood for your plants, giving them all the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. Here's how to use organic compost fertiliser.

Get Your Soil Ready

Before using organic compost fertiliser, make sure your soil is fully prepared. Take a look around your garden or planting area. If you see any weeds or rocks, remove them. Use a small shovel or hand tool to loosen the soil. This helps plant manure to mix properly in the soil and allows your plants' roots to grow more freely.

Spread It Out

Once your soil is ready, it's time to add the organic manure fertiliser. Spread it evenly over the soil surface. Generally, a layer of compost about 1 to 2 inches thick is sufficient for most plants. However, for poor soils or unhealthy plants, you may apply a thicker layer.

Water Thoroughly

After incorporating the manure for plants, water plants thoroughly to help activate the nutrients and encourage them to penetrate the soil. Make sure the soil is evenly moist but not waterlogged.

Monitor and Maintain

Keep an eye on your plants and soil to monitor their progress. You may need to reapply plant manure timely to maintain soil fertility, especially if you're growing vegetables or other high-demand plants. Generally, applying organic compost fertiliser once or twice a year is sufficient for most garden beds.

Features of Bombay Greens Plant Organic Manure Fertilizers

Looking for a natural boost for your plants? Explore the features of Bombay Greens Plant Organic Manure Fertilizers.

Safe For Plants 

The organic manure from Bombay Greens is said to gently release the nutrients in the soil, thus protecting plants and humans from burning sensations. 

100% Organic 

Bombay Greens’ manure for plants is 100% organic in nature. Our garden manure provides a continuous, safe and completely balanced feeding to your plants. 

Best for Indoor and Home Garden

Encouraging strong stem and root growth, our organic manure online is best for your indoor and home garden plants. It doesn’t spoil your home and office space and does not release bad odour.

Easy and Hassle-Free Way Of Nourishing Your Plants

Our organic fertilisers for plants are easy to use, unlike the traditional ones which create a lot of hassle. Each type of our garden manure online comes with details on Directions To Use, making it easy to nourish your plants in a few simple steps.

Helps Maintain Soil Health 

The relation of a happy plant is with the quality of the soil. Our compost fertilisers mix well with the soil, improving the soil fertility and texture, aerating heavy soil, and increasing microbial activity in the soil mix.

Frequently Asked Questions On Manure For Plants

Why should I choose plant organic manure fertilisers for my garden?

Organic manure fertiliser gives good results in plant growth and root development due to their natural compositions such as pure worm castings, microorganisms, and a balanced combination of NPK and other micronutrients.

How do plant organic manure fertilisers improve soil fertility?

The compost garden manure increases microbial activity in the soil, allowing nutrients to penetrate gently into the soil, thus improving soil fertility. 

How long does it take to see results after using plant organic manure fertilisers?

It takes approximately 7 days to see visible results in plant growth after using the best manure for the garden from Bombay Greens.

How is the quality of organic manure determined?

The quality of organic manure is determined by its composition, moisture retention capacity, and NPK ratio. 

How do I choose the right organic manure?

When selecting the right organic manure fertiliser, consider factors such as nutrient content, source material, and application method. Look for well-composted manures to avoid harmful pathogens and weed seeds. Also, consider the manure's nutrient profile and compare it to the needs of your plants.