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Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifting

corporate gifting,corporate gift ideas,corporate gift items

Diwali Hamper

Plantable Seeds Diwali Hamper
🌿 Seed Crackers
🌿 Incense Cones
🌿 Ceramic Diyas

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3 in 1 DIY Grow kits

🌿 3 Types of seeds (~5 seeds per variety)
🌿 Mixed Bell Peppers, Red Cherry Tomato, Mixed Lettuce
🌿 3 Grow pots
🌿 Coco peat discs
🌿 1 Pack of Organic fertilizer
🌿 3 Plant markers
🌿 1 Grow Guide/Manual

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DIY Microgreens Grow Kit

🌿 1 container to grow (Fabric Bag/ Plastic Container)
🌿 1 Seed Packet
🌿 Scissor
🌿 Spray bottle
🌿 1 Grow Guide/Manual

Plantable Seed Diary & Pen

This set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves nature and wants to make a difference in the world. It's also a great way to start a conversation about sustainability and the importance of taking care of our planet.

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Eco-Friendly Seed Kits

🌿 Branded Customised Design
🌿 1 Seed Pack
🌿 Instructions to Grow
🌿 MOQ: Min 1000 pcs

Pinewood Planters

🌿Pinewood Planters

corporate gifting, corporate gift ideas

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Grow in a can kit:
🌿 1 Grow Tin
🌿 1 Pack of seeds
🌿 1 pack of organic plant food
🌿 1 grow guide
🌿 Cocopeat discs

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Eco-Friendly Mini Gardening Kits

🌿 1 Grow Pot
🌿 1 Seed Pack
🌿 Coco peat discs
🌿 Instructions to Grow
🌿 Branded Customised Packaging
🌿 MOQ for customisation: 100+units

Plant Gifts for Gardening

The Kit includes :
• Seed Vials
• Cute Plant Tags
• Seed Packets
• Aroma Oil

Packaging Options

Choose from our various packaging options

We can custom design the packaging with your logo or design to increase your brand awareness.

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Customized Sleeve

gardening gifts, eco friendly gift ideas

Colored Box

eco friendly gift ideas, gardening gifts

Jute Pouch

eco friendly gardening gifts, eco friendly gift hampers

Brown Box

What Are Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts?

What Are Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts?

Giving presents to employees and clients is an effective way to strengthen connections. Everyone values a considerate act, such as a small gift or a note of gratitude. But what if that gift also aids in saving the environment for you and your customers? 

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The good news is that Bombay Greens brings you an unmatched selection of eco-friendly gifts this gift-giving season to level up your gifting process with eco-friendly corporate gifts in India.

Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts - A New Way to Corporate Gifting

There is no better way to showcase the company’s values and that they are doing its part to better the environment and the planet we live on by getting corporate gifts for its clients and employees. Eco-friendly gifts are sustainable gifting options that we recommend companies and individuals migrate towards when selecting gifts for their clients and employees.

Not only does this build a stronger relationship with the company’s associates, but you also make an unspoken statement that shows that you are looking out for the future generation. You’re encouraging individuals to aim for a greener lifestyle and motivating them to reduce waste and become more environmentally conscious of their behaviour.

Choose sustainable gifts because they come with a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Gifts over Traditional Corporate Gifts

Gifts are generally a great way to build your relationship with people and reaffirm your commitment and standing with each other. But there’s simply something unique about getting sustainable gifts for your clients and employees that makes the gift very special. Here are the benefits of investing in corporate gift items in India for your clients and employees.

  • Sustainable corporate gifts are better alternatives to traditional gifts because they are significantly more eco-friendly which also guarantees that your professional relationships last longer.
  • By getting eco-friendly corporate gift items, you’re doing your part to protect the environment and planet at large.
  • You make your associates aware of their environmental habits and become more intentional about reducing waste as well as lowering their carbon footprint. 
  • The materials used in the making of eco-friendly corporate gift items are made with sustainable materials that make these gifts more memorable.

Get your sustainable corporate gifts in India at Bombay Greens.

Why Choose Plants and Organic Farming Products for Corporate Gifting

What advantages come with sending a corporate plant gift? Does this thought also bother you? Finding the ideal present for a friend or loved one has given us all sleepless nights. The same holds true while hunting for corporate gift ideas for clients and employees as well. If you're having trouble coming up with a thoughtful, practical, and suitable gift to give someone in the professional world, we have it sorted for you. Plants and organic farming products make thoughtful, adaptable, and imaginative corporate gifts. An eco-friendly corporate gift in India at Bombay Greens can also be customised to your requirements and price range and will brighten any desk or workspace. You can ask for a special written message and your own corporate logo on the gift hampers for employees and clients. Here are the reasons why you should go for corporate gifts for employees and clients this gift-giving season.

Plants Uplift Mood

Nothing can energise a room like some greenery. Plants are, in the broadest sense, a source of delight in any situation, in addition to their myriad mental and productivity benefits. Being capable of fitting into various house setups, and personal preferences, gender-neutral, and suitable for receivers of all ages, plants make a great corporate gift item. Giving lovely potted plants to your clients and colleagues will demonstrate your appreciation for them and will help create a positive impact on the workplace atmosphere.

Enhanced Productivity and Wellbeing

People who are around plants are happier, more productive, and in better health overall. Giving plants as gift hamper to employees helps increase creativity and productivity while boosting their morale and general health.

Creates a Good Impact

Sending a living corporate gift item like a plant or organic farming-inspired product is a great way to improve the recipient's health while also adding a charming touch to their desk or workstation. It creates good brand value for your organisation among employees and clients.

Plants Make Thoughtful and Considerate Eco-friendly Gifts

As the plant grows, so will your professional relationship with employees and clients. Almost everyone is delighted by a living gift for weeks or even years after they receive it. Additionally, in a time when many people work from home, anyone looking to freshen up their home office will be grateful for a new plant. Plants make for a thoughtful corporate gift for clients and employees.

By now, you must be convinced of the advantages of providing eco-friendly corporate gifts. In our collection of gift hampers for employees, you can find plant combinations that were made just for that purpose.

What if you offer your employees Eco-friendly Mini Gardening Kits? Or what if you gift customised hampers to your clients? Believe us when we say that they will enjoy and love these presents. Every time they’ll see these kits or customised hampers it will remind them of the positive memories of your association and the values of your organisation. For the next occasion find the best eco-friendly gifts in India at Bombay Greens.

How To Choose The Right Corporate Gifts

There are different things to consider when choosing the right corporate gifts for clients and employees. There are a few things you should keep in mind when making the choice.

  • Make it a memorable corporate gift item that they can come back to in her office space or at home.
  • Personalizing corporate gifts makes them even more special. Whether it’s with the company’s name or logo or signing it with individual cards to each client and/or employee.
  • Based on the company’s brand, choose gift items that clearly represent the brand.
  • Step out of your comfort zone of gifting the same items and be different. This will keep your clients and employees eager to see what you give next.
  • Have a budget and stick closely with it.
  • The corporate sustainable gifts should be more about forming a stronger bond with your clients and employees, and less about advertising the company and/or clients’ goods and services.

Explore A Wide Range Of Eco-Friendly Gifts Online At Bombay Greens

Plant Gifts For Gardening This gift is perfect for anyone who has just embarked on their gardening journey. This is a great eco-friendly corporate gift item for employees who have just joined the organisation. These welcoming gift hampers for employees greatly impact and motivate them to perform better. The kit comes with cucumber and blue pea flower seeds packed in a cute glass bottle and 2 cute wooden plant tags.

Customised Seed Kits

If you know employees who have a passion for gardening, this customised seed kit calls for a great corporate gift for employees. You can choose seeds from a wide range of options available such as basil, tomatoes, chillies, blue peas, etc.

Mini Gardening Kits

Our eco-friendly mini gardening kit comes with 1 grow pot and a seed packet, coco peat discs and instructions on how to grow. You can customise these corporate gifts for clients as per your needs and preferences, we provide you with customization options such as your company logo on the sleeves and customised outer box packaging. This makes for a great gift hamper for employees as well.

3-in-1 Grow Kits

Our 3-in-1 DIY grow kits make for perfect eco-friendly corporate gifts for clients. The kit comprises Mixed Bell Peppers, Red Cherry Tomato, Mixed Lettuce seeds, 3 Grow pots, Coco peat discs, 1 Pack of Organic fertilizer, 3 Plant markers and a Grow Guide. This is a one-of-a-kind unique hamper.

Eco-friendly Kits

If you are looking for eco-friendly gifts in India for employees, our eco-friendly grow kits are a must-have in your list of best corporate gifts for employees. The beautiful hamper comes with a plant grow tin, 1 Pack of seeds, 1 pack of organic plant food, 1 grow guide and cocopeat discs. You also have the option to customise it as per your needs.

Microgreen Kits

A beautiful DIY microgreen grow kit is a very thoughtful corporate gift item. This eco-friendly gift hamper will leave a positive impact on the minds of clients and employees. The kit comprises a 1 Fabric Grow Bag, Coco Coir Discs, 1 Seed Packet, User Manual, Buy quality eco-friendly corporate gifts in India from Bombay Greens.

3-in-1 Gardening Tool Kit

A tool kit is a must-have for every gardening enthusiast. If you have an employee who is fond of growing plants at home, then nothing matches the definition of a relevant corporate gift more than a gardening tool kit. Our gardening kit comprises Mini garden tools for small plant pots and comes in an eco-friendly jute pouch with a shovel, a spade & a rake.

We provide our customers with an option of customised gift hampers, if you are looking for customised corporate gifts for employees and clients, reach out to us!

Why Choose Bombay Greens For Your Gardening Needs?

Are you the one who loves to do gardening or a beginner who is still exploring the various ins and outs of gardening? No matter in which category you fall, with the help of various gardening products from Bombay Greens you can up the level of your gardening time. We love to support your passion for gardening with our useful resources. Each product at Bombay Greens is a result of hard work and endless research. With the help of our kits, pots and tools, soil and mixture, we are sure your love for gardening will grow manifolds and the results will amaze you.

We make for a wonderful team to help you sort your gardening needs and the best corporate gifting partner too. If you are a corporate house looking for unique eco-friendly corporate gifts in India, then we have got your back. From the best corporate gifts for employees to eco-friendly gifts for clients, we have everything you need.

Stop reading and start exploring corporate gift ideas for clients and employees with us!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What All Are Included In Eco-Friendly Gifts?

Our eco-friendly corporate gifts for employees and clients include Plants gifts for gardening, customised seed kits, mini gardening kits, 3-in-1 grow kits, eco-friendly grow kits, microgreens kits, custom hampers, gardening tool kits and Diwali hampers.

Can These Green Corporate Gifts For Clients Be Personalized?

Eco-friendly gift hampers for employees and clients at Bombay Greens can be customised as per your preferences. In the customisation process, we provide you space to place your company logo, at the top of the gift hamper, change in packaging, choice of kits, and addition or deletion of items

Are eco-friendly Corporate Gifts more expensive than traditional gifts?

Yes, they are, but for a good reason. Sustainable gifts are more expensive because they are made with high-quality materials which makes the gifts cost-effective in the long run. Hence, going for eco-friendly corporate gift items for your clients and employees is worth it because it lasts for a long time.