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corporate gift items

Corporate Diwali Gifts

corporate gifting,corporate gift ideas,corporate gift items

Diwali Hamper

Plantable Seeds Diwali Hamper
🌿 Seed Crackers
🌿 Incense Cones
🌿 Ceramic Diyas

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Eco-Friendly Seed Kits

🌿 Branded Customised Design
🌿 1 Seed Pack
🌿 Instructions to Grow
🌿 MOQ: Min 1000 pcs

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Eco-Friendly Mini Gardening Kits

🌿 1 Grow Pot
🌿 1 Seed Pack
🌿 Coco peat discs
🌿 Instructions to Grow
🌿 Branded Customised Packaging
🌿 MOQ for customisation: 100+units

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3 in 1 DIY Grow kits

🌿 3 Types of seeds (~5 seeds per variety)
🌿 Mixed Bell Peppers, Red Cherry Tomato, Mixed Lettuce
🌿 3 Grow pots
🌿 Coco peat discs
🌿 1 Pack of Organic fertilizer
🌿 3 Plant markers
🌿 1 Grow Guide/Manual

corporate gifting, corporate gift ideas

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Grow in a can kit:
🌿 1 Grow Tin
🌿 1 Pack of seeds
🌿 1 pack of organic plant food
🌿 1 grow guide
🌿 Cocopeat discs

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DIY Microgreens Grow Kit

🌿 1 container to grow (Fabric Bag/ Plastic Container)
🌿 1 Seed Packet
🌿 Scissor
🌿 Spray bottle
🌿 1 Grow Guide/Manual

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3 in 1 Gardening Tool kit

🌿 Mini garden tools for small plant pots.
🌿Comes in an Eco Friendly Jute Pouch
🌿 3 in 1 Gardening Tool Kit- Includes a Shovel, Spade & a Rake
🌿 The tools are powder coated to prevent them from rust.
🌿 Eco-Friendly Tools- Handles are made from wood & head from metal.

Gardening Gift Hampers

1 Eco-Friendly Kit
- Any 3 in 1 DIY Grow Kit
- 3 Mini Tools Kit (Shovel, Spade & Rake)
- 1 Eco-Friendly Grow Bag (8x8 inches)
- All items are packed in a beautiful gift box.

Packaging Options

Choose from our various packaging options

We can custom design the packaging with your logo or design to increase your brand awareness.

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Customized Sleeve

gardening gifts, eco friendly gift ideas

Colored Box

eco friendly gift ideas, gardening gifts

Jute Pouch

eco friendly gardening gifts, eco friendly gift hampers

Brown Box

Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas from Bombay Greens

And this part is crucial not only amongst households but in corporate houses and small businesses as well. Business owners buy corporate Diwali gifts for employees, clients and other business associates as part of a tradition. Today, gifting has evolved from tradition based to more of an aspirational aspect of business. From exchanging traditional sweets and dry fruits the times have moved to eco friendly corporate gifts and sustainable gifts.

The Significance of Corporate Gifts on Diwali

Over the years, Diwali has found itself associated closely with the tradition of exchanging gifts. While initially it used to only be gifts being given to friends and family, the tradition of a 'bonus' for employees has been quite prominent. This custom soon evolved to giving gifts to business associates and clients as well. As time passed, clients as well as other business associated become an integral part of any business. While many of them may not be directly associated with profits, even then, they do play a significant role in the overall scheme of things. As such, Diwali corporate gifts are an ideal way of showing them that the company cares about them and values their contribution. So select the best Diwali gifts for office staff and clients from Bombay Greens and let us take care of the rest.

The Evolution of Diwali Corporate Gifts for Employees and Clients

In the earlier days, Diwali gifts ideas for corporate mainly meant adhering to the traditional items. Religious idols and objects, sweets, dry fruits were the prominent corporate gifts for employees. Today, the list has evolved and has many different options ranging from eco-friendly gifts, sustainable gifting, gifts for plant lovers, personalized gifts to different home and living gifts and accessories. Many employers and business owners prefer to have a personal touch and hence, opt for personalized corporate gifts on Diwali.

Surprise Your Employees with Corporate Diwali Gifts

When it comes to corporate gifting, it is an essential experience as it is an integral part for the employees to contribute more and therefore, help the business grow. It often functions as a token of acknowledgement for the employees, hard work and dedication. Consequently, this strengthens the industry, and happy employees boost relations with clients as well as investors. A company's employees are its most natural base of advocates for its value proposition, brands and services. As the web continues to change how we give gifts drastically, entrepreneurs are finding a renewed faith in the power of giving an experience to the employee. Corporate Diwali gifts online are on the rise, and they are taking the world by storm. Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas can range from religious perspectives to traditional sweets that will be great for merrymaking.

When employees have an incredibly positive experience, it's likely to be one they will always remember. That being said, employees probably know what type of experience to expect when they come into their workplace. After all, they spent 8-9 hours there, and it becomes their second home; they're coming in because they know you can give them something they're looking for. But, what if you surprised them with something fun and delightful that they weren't expecting? Corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees must be something unexpected. Something cool and tech-savvy but with personalization. Personalized gifts are always better at bonding with your workers. Add their name to make the gift uber special. This can also work as Corporate gifts ideas for clients in India or abroad. Choose wisely to be remembered forever. The corporate gift is a token of appreciation for an organisation’s relationship with its clients and employees. Many companies these days give out eco-friendly corporate gift baskets for employees and clients that can help minimise waste and impact.

Buy Best Corporate Diwali Gifts for Clients from Bombay Greens

These hampers can be either beej sweets, fireworks seeds or maybe both. Various items of different quantity are packed together that makes it a hamper. The best part of sending Eco- Friendly Diwali gift hampers is that it combines the best of many different worlds. A single hamper can contain many items. The choices here are only limited by your budgets and imagination!