Wooden Test Tube Planters

More than just planters, these are companions for your plant journey. Watch your seedlings sprout, leaves unfurl, and blooms burst forth, all nurtured within the warmth and beauty of natural wood.

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My go to brand for my gardening needs. Since the day I came across this brand, I've been a fan of it.
- Avani

I'm a huge fan of this soil less potting mix... it's very beneficial for my plants.. Thank u bombay greens...❤🥰
- Gargi

I have been using potting Mix and Liquid fertilizer from Bombay Greens and they are really superb. Thank you Bombay Greens. ❤️
- Suruchi

Chetan Soni

The grow kits offered are a fun DIY..
Cheers to BOMBAY GREENS for my beautiful plants.
-Chetan Soni

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Shop Wooden Test Tube Planter By Bombay Greens

No matter the type of interior you have in your home, a beautiful planter can always elevate the charm of your space. And, the same stands true for test tube pant holders from Bombay Greens. Exuding an extremely elegant vibe, the wall-hanging test tube planters from Bombay Greens is easy to attach to the wall and transform your interior into a cosy one. 

Just hanging one in a room can instantly welcome a breath of fresh air in any space. And there’s no risk of breakage as well as long as the glass tubes are handled with care! So you can enjoy the beauty of these hanging test tube planters for years to come. 

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Different Types Of Test Tube Plant Holder Available at Bombay Greens

If you’re a fan of soilless planters where the interior decor pieces are not at risk of deteriorating over time due to excessive water vapour, then Bombay Greens has a lot to offer you. Let’s find out what our collection includes:

1. Test Tube Planter with Wooden Holder

Bombay Greens test tube plant holder set of 3 is perfect for showcasing 3 plants altogether, these holders let you fix a corner to show off your plant collection. 

2. Test Tube Wall Planter with Wooden Holder (set of 3 and set of 2)

If you want to spread the plants all over a room or your home, then these test tube wall planters with wooden holders - sets of 2 & 3 have your back! You can place them together or individually - the choice is yours. 

But no matter which one you opt for, each of our test tube plant holders is crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and style that lasts. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting your green journey, Bombay Greens has the perfect wooden stand for test tube plants for you.

Care Tips For Wooden Test Tube Holders

Every decor piece demands thorough care and attention to prove its longevity and beauty. The same is true for our premium quality wooden test tube holders as well. Here are some cleaning tips to keep them looking their best:

  • Wipe off the holders once a month with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  • Direct sunlight can cause wood to fade and warp over time. Place your holders in a place where there’s no risk of the holders being under harsh sunlight.  

No need to do much. Just follow these simple care tips to ensure that your wooden test tube holders remain a beautiful and functional addition to your home decor for years to come. 

Why Choose Bombay Greens To Buy Test Tube Plant Stand

Bombay Greens is a leading online store where gardeners can access a massive stock of treasures. The best place online, our virtual shop unrolls a collection of glass test tube planters, metal pot planters, plant grow bags and other gardening essentials. All the products in our collection are the outcome of quality craftsmanship which makes them highly durable and perfect presents for garden enthusiasts. 

Whatever you pick from our virtual store is designed with attention to detail to keep plants in their best health. So don’t delay! Shop from our collection of gardening vitals today to experience the beauty and serenity of indoor greenery. 

FAQs on Test Tube Plant Holders

Q. What is the use of a test tube plant holder?

A test tube plant holder works as an elegant, and functional plant holder. Placing delicate plants in glass tubes only in water turns even the blandest space into a magical one where bursts of colours revive the ambience. 

Q. Do you have wall-hanging holders for test tube plants?

Yes, we offer wall-hanging holders for test tube plants as part of our collection. 

Q. Can we use a test tube plant with a wooden holder for home decor purposes?

Yes. A test tube plant with a wooden holder imbues natural elegance to any home interior. Whether displayed on a tabletop, shelf, window sills or wall, these holders become a focal point in any room.