2 in1 Soil Less Potting Mix Hero
2 in 1 Soil less Potting Mix with Cocopeat & Fertilizer
2 in 1 Soil less Potting Mix with Cocopeat & Fertilizer
2 in 1 Soil less Potting Mix with Cocopeat & Fertilizer
2 in 1 Soil less Potting Mix with Cocopeat & Fertilizer
2 in 1 Soil less Potting Mix with Cocopeat & Fertilizer
2 in 1 Soil less Potting Mix with Cocopeat & Fertilizer

2 in 1 Soil less Potting Mix with Cocopeat & Fertilizer

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Soil Less 2 in 1 Mixture

Makes 5 kg of Potting mix for Home gardening. Contains Low EC Cocopeat, Organic Fertilizer Compost. Great alternative to garden soil or sand for plants in containers

Grows up to 2X bigger plants than potting soil. Creates 90% more air space than traditional mitti.

Light, Fluffy and High draining pot mix. Better root growth and full of nutrition and microbes. Reduces weight of pots by 40% compared to red soil or mud.

Releases water slowly throughout the day. Great for all vegetables and flowers.

100% Organic. No synthetic chemicals used in any of the ingredients. Perfect for home gardeners. Ships right to your door in a lightweight package, so no heavy lifting.

Customer Reviews

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Udhya Prabhu kumar
Quantity and quality

Good quantity at such an amazing price. Thank you, Bombay Greens.

Himanshu Tiwari
quality is very good

The quality good Light, Fluffy and High draining

Yuvraj shetty

Excellent product. Compression is very good for storage. Best for any type of gardening.

bombay green

No Adulteration

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Honest Customer Reviews

bombay green

My go to brand for my gardening needs. Since the day I came across this brand, I've been a fan of it.

- Avani

bombay green

I'm a huge fan of this soil less potting mix... it's very beneficial for my plants.. Thank u bombay greens...❤🥰

- Gargi

bombay green

I have been using potting Mix and Liquid fertilizer from Bombay Greens and they are really superb.Thank you Bombay Greens. ❤️

- Suruchi

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FAQs on Organic Potting Mixture


Soil-less potting mix is lighter and fluffier than regular garden soil. The airy and spacious cocopeat soil-less potting mix allows the roots to grow properly and ensures faster growth of the plant. It also allows a slower release of water all day long. This soil-less mix can reduce the weight of your pot by 40% as compared to red soil or mud. This cocopeat potting mix is 100% organic.

Regular garden soil is usually heavy and dense with very less air space in between for the roots to grow. Whereas soil-less potting mix is light and fluffy which allows more space for the roots to grow.

Regular garden soil is prone to soil infestation whereas Bombay Greens Soil-less Potting Mix has lesser chances of soil infestation.

Because regular potting soil is densely packed it releases water faster, however, our soil-less cocopeat potting mix is airy and fluffy which allows a slower release of water throughout the day. In this way, the soil is moist for a longer time.

You can use regular soil mix for your outdoor garden whereas soil-less potting mix is suitable for potted plants in your indoor garden.

Yes, you can. You can use organic fertilizers with this cocopeat mix for both indoor and outdoor plants in your garden. Please read the instructions and usage manuals for organic fertilizers.

Bombay Greens cocopeat soil-less potting mix is 100% organic with no chemicals. It also doesn’t contain any wood chips, stones, charcoal chips or coconut chips. 

The weight of the mixture will be 5 kgs after adding water. Our potting mix fills 7 pots of 6 inches size.

No, you don't have to mix red soil. The mixture is complete on its own. This is a complete formulation for potted plants with properties such as nutrition, retaining moisture, draining moisture and anti fungal benefits.

Yes, you can store the unused mixture in any pot, container or bag. It will NOT go bad provided it has little moisture at all times.

Yes this is 100% organic with no fillers and only natural ingredients.

Yes it can be used for all the plants in pots. You may use it for transplanting, for seed germination or for topping up on new plants.

You need to add river sand to the mixture and then you may use it.


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