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Eco Friendly DIY Microgreen Seeds Kits

Easily Grow your Microgreens at home with our organic Microgreen seeds kit. Always wanted to grow greens at home but couldn't due to lack of space or sunlight? Microgreens don't need much space and can be grown without sunlight and very quickly. You can harvest them in less than 10 days with our curated microgreen seeds of 5 types including Popcorn, Sweet Basil, Mustard, Radish and Red Amaranth!

7 in 1 Gardening Tools Kit

Contents- 1 Hand Cultivator, 1 Hand Fork, 1 Big Hand Trowel, 1 Small Hand Trowel, 1 Hand Weeder, 1 Pair of Garden Hand Gloves, 1 Pruner Cutter, 1 Tool box

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My go to brand for my gardening needs. Since the day I came across this brand, I've been a fan of it.
- Avani

I'm a huge fan of this soil less potting mix... it's very beneficial for my plants.. Thank u bombay greens...❤🥰
- Gargi

I have been using potting Mix and Liquid fertilizer from Bombay Greens and they are really superb. Thank you Bombay Greens. ❤️
- Suruchi

Chetan Soni

The grow kits offered are a fun DIY..
Cheers to BOMBAY GREENS for my beautiful plants.
-Chetan Soni

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How to use our Organic Microgreens Seeds Kit

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FAQs on Microgreens Seeds Kit


The kit contains everything you need to get growing:  

a. 1 Microgreen seed pack
b. 1 Eco friendly fabric grow bag
c. Coco peat pellets compressed
d. 1 Grow Guide/Manual

5x7x2 inches Box


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Elevate Your Nutrition With Bombay Greens Organic Microgreen Seeds

With our busy lifestyles, it has become challenging to maintain a healthy diet and obtain the recommended amounts of vitamins and nutrients. To fill the nutrition gap, we often make a switch to dietary supplements that come with hefty price tags and have a lot of questionable ingredients. Microgreens are a fun and natural way to add wholesome and essential nutrients to your diet.

Microgreens grown from microgreens kit feature young and delicate greens that grow from the microgreen seeds of herbs and vegetables. In general, microgreens are a rich source of vitamins A, E, C and K, and come packed with an abundance of phytonutrients and antioxidants that boosts your immune system, and protects you against diseases. If you are thinking of growing these little wonders at home, buy microgreens growing kit online from Bombay Greens!

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Benefits Of Growing Your Own Microgreens With Microgreens Growing Kit 

There are a ton of benefits to growing microgreens plants at home. Let’s check out some of the major benefits:

  • When cultivated at home, leaves from microgreen seeds can be harvested in just a few days and have 4 times more nutritional value than matured greens. 
  • Microgreens look just as lovely in a pot as they do on your dinner plates. With Bombay Green's easy-to-grow microgreens kit, you can grow these adaptable plants at home instead of other pricey ornamental ones. Trust us you'll feel twice as satisfied if you grow your own greens and eat them. 
  • The microgreens kit from Bombay Greens comes with everything you need to get growing, including seeds, a fabric grow bag, compressed coco pellets and a comprehensive gardening guide, thus making it easy for you to grow your nutritious greens. Buy microgreens seeds online now!
  • Veggies grown using microgreen seeds are not only incredibly healthy but delicious also. With intense flavours, amazing texture and taste profiles, organic microgreens add a burst of freshness to your dishes. 
  • Organic microgreen seeds can be easily produced at home all year round and are a diverse and nutrient-dense superfood. Growing microgreens is an easy approach to encourage a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Also, check out our liquid fertilizer and indoor plant fertiliser to boost the growth of your plants.

Tips To Use Microgreen Grow Kit

Tips for using the Microgreen plants kit are as follows:

  • Select a spot for the fabric grow bag that receives artificial light or indirect sunlight.
  • Water should be used to completely hydrate the coco coir discs, making sure they are damp but not soggy.
  • Distribute seeds equally, taking care not to overcrowd, on wet coco coir discs.
  • For optimal contact, gently push seeds into the surface of the discs made of coco coir.
  • Gently mist discs to prevent overwatering and maintain constant moisture levels.
  • For best growth, place the kit in an area that receives 12 to 16 hours of light per day.
  • Once the plants are harvested, remove any residual material, clean the grow kit's components, and add more fertilisers as necessary.

Things Included In Bombay Greens Kit

With our organic Microgreen cultivation kit, experience the convenience and fun of cultivating your own microgreens. Everything needed for a successful growth is included in the Bombay Greens Kit, such as:

  1. 1 Fabric Grow Bag 
  2. Discs of Coco Coir
  3. User Manual 
  4. 1 Seed Packet

Why Are Bombay Greens The Best Place For Your Gardening Needs?

Bombay Greens is a proudly made-in-India brand that caters to all your gardening needs with its wonderful range of gardening accessories. From planting kits to organic microgreens seeds and kits, everything comes with a user guide to make it easy for you to grow your greens. 

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro at gardening, our products take your gardening journey to an entirely new level. We adhere to clean living by providing you with premium quality products. By spending endless hours creating the best products for you, we completely eliminate the guesswork from any of our products. Hence, if you are thinking of starting your gardening journey or are a pro looking for some amazing gardening essentials, we’ve got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions On Microgreens Growing Kit 

Is It A Good Option For Gardening Beginners?

Our microgreens kit comes with a handy manual making it easy for beginners to start their planting journey.

What Are The Seed Options Available In The Microgreen Growing Kit?

Our microgreen growing kit comes in a variety of seed kits such as Popcorn, Sweet Basil, Mustard, Radish and Red Amaranth.

Is it Possible To Grow Microgreens On A Small Balcony? 

Yes, our microgreen seeds can be easily planted in plant bags and indoor pot stands and can be kept on a small balcony.