3 in 1 DIY Gardening Kits

Grow your own vegetables, herbs & flowers easily! These DIY Kits or plant growing kit contain everything you need to start kitchen garden or terrace garden.

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3 in 1 DIY Gardening Kits

Our Grow Kits Include:
🌿 3 Seedling Pots 🌿 3 Varieties of Seeds 🌿 Cocopeat Discs 🌿Organic Plant Food 🌿 Plant Tags 🌿Grow Guide

Non GMO seeds

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6 in 1 Gardening Tools Kit

Contents- 1 Hand Cultivator, 1 Hand Fork, 1 Trowel, 1 Hand Weeder, 1 Pair of Garden Hand Gloves, 1 Pruner Cutter, 1 Tool box

Organic Fertilizer - NutriShots

Organic Nutri-Shots Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

• Pure & Safe
• Does NOT burn plants
• No Odour
• Suitable for all houseplants

Plantable Stationery in a Zipper Pouch

The Kit Contains:
• 1 Cute Zipper Pouch
• 1 Plantable Seed Diary (40 Sides / Unruled Book/5x7 inches)
• 2 Seed Pens
• 2 Seed Pencils

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FAQs on Gardening Kits


The DIY Gardening kit contains everything you need to get growing:
3 Types of seeds (~5 seeds per variety)
3 Grow pots
4 Coco peat discs compressed
1 Pack of Plant food
3 Plant markers
1 Grow Guide/Manual

Our Grow Kits are very easy to use and come with a detailed guide to answer all your questions. Also, there’s a video demo on the site to help you exactly how to follow the process.

All our grow kits, require minimum 3-4 hours of sunlight and it is not possible to grow them without sunlight.

Yes, all plants need to be transplanted to bigger pots. What’s provided in the box are Seedling Pots of 3 inch size.

Customizing kits is not available right now. However, we have a huge selection of curated kits that will definitely suit anyone’s needs.

Yes, all our seeds are tested for germination and growth. They perform amazingly well in Indian conditions. Do check out our Instagram Page bombay.greens for more updates from our fellow gardeners.

You can definitely use the kit even if you aren't acquainted with gardening. The kit is specially designed to make gardening easy for you by organizing the process into 3 easy steps and providing everything you need in the kit. You can find seeds, 3 grow pots, coco peats, organic fertilizer, plant markers and even a grow manual that will provide instructions on how to grow it and take care of the plant.

These DIY Gardening kits are ideal for growing a small indoor as well as outdoor garden in your home. It can be planted in your kitchen or even on your terrace and get the benefits of these amazing plants. As the gardening kit contains all the required contents to start your own garden, it becomes easy to plant anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors, depending on the crop. You can begin by planting it indoors, and then shift it outdoors when it becomes bigger.

All our gardening kits are tested for germination and growth, which is why you need not worry about the seeds sprouting no matter when you plant them! The best part about our herbs kit or any other DIY kit is that they grow very well in Indian conditions with minimal expert help required. You can create a beautiful herb garden right in your kitchen or backyard with our gardening kit that will grow actual vegetables and flowers throughout the year.

Yes, you can start your very own terrace garden with these quick and easy-to-use  gardening kits by Bombay Greens. The kits contain all the materials you require to grow a plant and our attention to detail will make gardening super easy for you. All you need to do is open the kit, read the instructions and start growing. We even provide growing pots so you need not worry about where to plant your seeds. This makes it a perfect kit for gifting those who have limited space in their home and want to create a small terrace or kitchen garden.

The Bombay Greens DIY Gardening kit is a super easy-to-use and helpful kit with all the materials you need to make your new garden. Because it organises the gardening process into easy steps and provides instructions in a manual as well as in the form of a video, it makes gardening super easy and can be used for gifting anyone who has an interest in gardening. Even if they aren't familiar with the whole process of gardening, this kit makes everything easier and more convenient for them. It will make for an amazing gift for birthdays, weddings or as a corporate gift.

One DIY Gardening kit contains three different types of seeds. It also contains the different materials required for three plants that are enough to get you started, such as three grow pots, organic fertilizers and more. We have a wide range of DIY Gardening kits with a combination of three plants in one kit. These include the herb kit which contains Italian basil, dill and oregano seeds, the Tomato kit including beefsteak, red cherry and yellow grape and many more kits for your budding gardening activities and tastes.

You can definitely grow vegetables and flowers from this kit that are 100% organic. Our DIY Gardening kits include vegetables like red cabbage, broccoli and zucchini and others that you can plant and grow organically without the use of chemicals. We provide organic fertilizer along with the kit to make the process easy for you. All that you need in the kitchen can be grown in a healthy and organic way by means of our DIY Gardening kits.


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Grow Kits - The Trending New Way of DIY Gardening 

Have you been meaning to have your own kitchen garden, but aren’t too sure how to go about it? If yes, our grow kits are going to be your trusted ally. These DIY gardening kits have everything that you need to set forth your gardening journey. No matter if you are a seasoned greenskeeper or someone who is just starting it, our grow kits are going to greatly appeal to you.

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Special About Bombay Greens’ DIY Gardening Kits: 

What makes our grow kits special is the fact that they are super easy to use and you can just get in with them without needing any external help. All our grow kits contain seeds, three grow pots, coco peat pellets, organic fertiliser, plant markers and a complete grow guide. You have to simply follow through the steps mentioned in the guide to set your gardening endeavours in motion.

Explore A Wide Range Of Indoor Herb Garden Kits At Bombay Greens 

With our Indoor Herb Garden Kit you can now enjoy healthy greens, right in your space. Grow them on your kitchen sill or next to your balcony, your herb garden will thrive with Bombay Greens DIY gardening kit. Let us check what kinds of gardening kits you can find at Bombay Greens.

  1. Edible Flower Kit  

  2. Who doesn’t love the fragrance of flowers in their indoor garden? No one, we believe. Spread the aroma in your surroundings with Bombay Green’s edible flower garden kit. In this DIY gardening kit, you get 5 seeds of 3 varieties each i.e., Sunflower, Zinnia, and Butterfly Pea. You can also save your precious flower plants with flower fertilizers from Bombay Greens.

  3. Salad Grow Kit 

  4. Grow your healthy greens in your kitchen garden with the Bombay Greens Salad Grow Kit online. The easy-to-grow and affordable salad planting kit consists of 3 varieties of seeds i.e., Mixed Bell Peppers, Mixed Lettuce, and Red Cherry Tomato. Also, check out our compost manure range.

  5. Pizza Kit  

  6. No need to rush to a nearby shop for Pizza toppings. Get your hands on Pizza grow kit online on Bombay Greens which comprises all the pizza topping essentials like Italian Basil, Oregano, and Red Cherry Tomatoes. Also, check out our liquid plant fertilizer to foster the growth of your plants.

  7. Temple Offering Kit  

  8. Growing sacred plants at home just became easy with the Bombay Greens Temple Offering Kit. It's the best terrace garden kit to grow plants like Tulsi, Genda and Aparajita. The grow kit comprises 5 seeds of each variety.

  9. Chillies Kit  

  10. Love chillies? Make your indoor garden home to a variety of chillies such as Spicy Green, Jalapeno and Mix Bell Peppers. This 3-in-1 hot & sweet chillies grow kit is a must-have for all chilli lovers.

  11. Herbs Kit 

  12. Our herb garden kit is for all those who adore a garden full of green healthy herbs. This indoor gardening kit has 3 varieties of seeds i.e. Italian Basil, Oregano and Dill.

  13. Tomato Kit  

  14. Isn’t it amazing to go to your kitchen garden and pluck some fresh tomatoes for lunch? Get your hands on Bombay Green’s tomato planting kit consisting of 3 types of tomato seeds i.e., Beefsteak Tomato, Red Cherry Tomato and Yellow Grape Tomato.

  15. Stir Fry Kit  

  16. How about growing your favorite veggies at home? Isn’t it exciting? Growing your own veggies becomes simple with the Bombay Greens DIY Stir Fry grow kit online. This indoor gardening kit consists of 3 types of seeds: Red Cabbage, Zucchini and Broccoli.

  17. Flavours of India Kit  

This is the most loved Bombay Green’s planting kit online in India comprising seeds of Red Okra, Green Cucumber and Coriander. Get your hands on the best seeds online from Bombay Greens.

Gardening Kits For The Terrace Gardening Lover  

Grow a garden with greens that you can enjoy with your family beyond your garden. While gardening can be relaxing and rewarding, growing something that you can cook to make your food tasty, healthy, and flavorful can be an even better way to make gardening more than a way to pass the time.

We all enjoy good food, but nutritious food that tastes good, made with fresh vegetables from your garden is the perfect way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Get your vegetables and spices right from your garden by getting our 3-in-1 terrace garden kit with different veggies, herbs, chillies, and more for you to grow.

Explore Bombay Greens for the various kits you can grow in your garden.

Benefits of Indoor Herb Gardening Kit  

There is something special about being able to get all your veggies and other cooking ingredients right in your garden. Being able to grow these food items with your hands and getting to see them grow and become fruitful can be very inspiring to garden lovers. Here are some of the benefits of having your own indoor herb garden kit and space in your garden to grow them.

  1. Save Money -  

  2. There’s no doubt that growing your own food items at home would save you some money from having to purchase these items from the market. Not to mention, the constant rise in the prices of these items in the market can save you a lot of money down the line.

  3. Low-maintenance-  

  4. Most herbs and some veggies are low maintenance to grow and care for them. You just need to know the essential things that they need to grow like water and sunlight, and provide it for them in the easiest way possible.

  5. Fresh Taste-  

  6. Let’s not forget the fresh taste, clean, and healthy food you would get from using these kitchen herb garden kits. This way you get delicious, tasty food, with great flavours, that is highly nutritious.

  7. Safety -  

  8. By growing these items in your garden, you are certain that they are clean and safe to eat, unlike the ones you get in the market as you aren’t sure where they come from or in what conditions they were grown.

  9. Aesthetic & Fun -  

  10. Growing these indoor herb garden kits is a fun way to spend your free time and get the best out of it. Not to mention, they create an aesthetically pleasing decor in your kitchen and garden.

Get these terrace gardening kits at Bombay Greens now.

Why Use Bombay Greens Grow Kit For Your Indoors - Kitchen & Terrace Gardening 

The best part about buying yourself a 3-in-1 planting kit online in India from Bombay Greens is that all our grow kit online comes with a grow guide, that makes it easy for you to grow plants in your indoor gardens, no matter if you are a pro or a novice.

The DIY gardening kit comprises all essential gardening supplies such as 3 seedling pots for 3 different varieties of seeds, cocopeat discs, organic plant food, and grow tags.

Our indoor gardening kit is for all those who love to sow and grow greenies around them! Also, check out our liquid rose fertilizer.

How To Choose a DIY Gardening Kit? 

You can choose a DIY gardening kit as per the plants you love to grow on your terrace or indoor garden. For instance, if you love the fresh blooms of flowers, you can pick our edible flower indoor gardening kit, if you love to pluck fresh veggies every day you can get your hands on a chillies kit, salad kit, or stir fry kit.

Tips To Use Bombay Greens Kitchen Herb Garden Kit 

Here are some tips for you when using our kitchen herb garden kit.

  • Spray with water until the seeds begin to sprout.

  • Keep the soil moist to encourage root growth when the seedlings begin to grow.

  • Except for the top layer, the soil shouldn’t be completely dry.

Why Choose Bombay Greens For Your Gardening Needs  

If you are a gardening enthusiast and love to grow new plants around you, we are the best place for you. No matter if you are a novice or a pro, our great range of gardening supplies will make you love your gardening journey even more.

Along with a DIY gardening kit, we bring to you a wide range of liquid and composted organic fertilizers for plants to keep a check on your plant's health, grow bags to sustainably grow your plants, metal plant stands that enhance your room decor while being a perfect spot to place your favourite greenies.

Also, if you are thinking of giving something uncommon yet useful to your friends and family on their special day or festive occasion, try gifting them planting kits online in India from us! They’ll love it!