Autumn Flowering plant to grow in your garden

Autumn Flowering plant to grow in your garden

Just imagine, walking into a garden that is brimming with beautiful colours , ethereal flowers and an alluring appeal. It surely feels like a scene out of a movie to us, how about you? 

In addition to a charming aesthetic appeal, autumn flowering plants also provide pollination support to aid the sustenance of various flower species. 

When you adorn your garden with flowers that bloom all autumn, you are able to afford pleasant sights and scents that will make you enjoy the beauty of nature in full bloom, right in your backyard! We think the best gift that you can give your home this autumn is to get flowers that will turn your space into a gorgeous myriad of colours. 

Top Autumn Flower Plants In India 

We have put together a list of the top most autumn flowers in India, that will elevate the look of your garden and dissipate beauty all around. 

  • Marigold 

These aromatic flowers come in a range of vibrant colours such as orange, red, yellow etc. Marigolds are widely used for decorations and religious offerings.


  • Zinnia 

To get a gorgeous autumn garden in India, all you have to do is get Zinnia seeds. They grow effortlessly and have daisy-like flowers that come in a number of shapes and sizes. 

  • Portulaca 

Portulacas have succulent leaves and brightly coloured flowers. These autumn flowering plants can easily thrive in hot and dry weather conditions.


  • Chrysanthemum 

Chrysanthemums are known as the Queen of Autumn. They come in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and are known to be harbingers of good luck and longevity. 

  • Cosmos 

These are delicate flowers that can be pink, purple or white. Butterflies and bees love buzzing around these flowers owing to their exquisite appearance. When these flowers sway in the autumn breeze, it makes for a stunning sight. 

  • Petunia 

Petunias are trumpet shaped flowers that come in bright colours. These long lasting autumn flowers can add a beautiful dash of colour to your garden area. 

  • Pansy 

These beautiful autumn flowers grow on ornamental vines and they come in beautiful shades of white, pink, orange, and purple. They are quite appealing and known for their ‘human face’ like design. They will do a fine job of creating a torrent of colors in your garden. 

Tips & Tricks For Growing Autumn Flowering Plants

You can adhere to the following tips and tricks, if you want to infuse the dreamy bloom of autumn flowering plants in your garden. 

  • Prepare Your Soil 

Before planting seeds, make sure that the soil has been loosened and the necessary compost and manure has been added to the soil. This will provide a healthy and conducive environment for the plants to thrive. 

  • Water Your Plants In The Mornings Or Early Evenings 

To take care of your long lasting autumn flowers, water your plants either early morning or during early evenings. This will allow the soil to get properly soaked by the soil instead of getting evaporated. 

  • Look For Weeds

If you don’t get rid of pesky weeds in your garden, they will suck up the water and leave little quantity for your plants. 

  • Choose Your Plants Wisely 

It is always advisable to factor in various conditions such as sunlight requirement, the amount of shade that's needed, soil conditions etc. Choose plants whose needs resonate with the provisions in your garden. This will enable you to have a blooming garden in autumn season. 

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Autumn flowering plants are a great source of vibrancy, color, enchantment and beauty. They infuse a mesmerizing splendor in your space as the gorgeous autumn breeze embraces your garden.  From the ethereal Chrysanthemums to dainty daisies, each autumn flower weaves its own unique place and story in your garden. 

FAQs on Autumn Flowering plant

What are some of the best perennial autumn flowering plants?

Some of the best long-lasting autumn flowers are Hibiscus, Zinnia, Chrysanthemums, etc. 

Are there any shrubs that flower in autumn?

Hibiscus and Chrysanthemums are two shrubs with beautiful and showy flowers that blossom in autumn.  

When is the best time to plant autumn flowering plants?

The idea is to plant the seeds during the pre-monsoon  season or late summer. July to September are considered to be the ideal months for planting autumn flowering plants. 

Do flowering plants need direct sunlight?

It depends upon the plant that you have chosen for your garden. Different autumn flowers have different light and water requirements. 

How much water should I pour on the flowers in autumn?

Consider the moisture levels of the soil and plant water requirements before pouring water on autumn flowers. You should aim for deep and thorough watering sessions instead of frequent ones. Moreover, it is advisable to water your plants early mornings or early evenings. 

  1. What are some common pests and diseases that can affect autumn flowering plants?

Root rot, slugs, snails, leaf spot diseases, powdery mildew, etc are some of the common pests and diseases that might affect autumn flowering plants. The right kind of gardening products can help you address and alleviate this struggle.