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Best Winter Blooming Flowers for your Garden in India.

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Winter is the season that many of us just love to enjoy. The cold environment, snow, breezes, everything is just so perfect. But can you just imagine the beauty of the outdoor with beautiful flowers blooming in such weather which everyone thinks that is not possible, but the reality is something else. Mother nature has a well-kept secret: Many annual, perennial flowers, and flowering plants and shrubs can put on a show amid winter’s cold weather, blooming in range of colors long before the ground is thawed and the snow has melted. And in milder climates, some flowering plants bloom all the winter adding much-needed brightness and glory to the garden when it is needed the most. You can grow a winter flower garden in almost any climate as long as you choose plants suitable according to your hardiness zone and enjoy the flowers booming. Another most important key while creating a winter garden is the planting time. Most winter bloomers need to be planted in the fall, while the soil is still warm so that the root can be established before cold weather arrives and in a mild climate you can grow hardy annuals like pansies for much of the winter. While considering the best winter flowers, placement of the planter becomes important, you must try to place it in such a position that when the flowers bloom you can see them and admire the beauty of nature.

What do winter garden plants need:

  • Sow the seeds of your favorite flowers right before the winter sets in as growth during winter is less.
  • Flowering plants need soil to be 5 inches deep. So, select an earthen pot of 6-8 inches, and bury the seed about 1 inch deep so that it can bloom properly.
  • Saplings will get ready in about six weeks.
  • Sprinkle water as and when required to provide optimum growth.
  • Fertilizers for enhancing their growth.

Best Winter Flowers:

1. English Primrose:

It’s a perennial plant type growing in partial shade and moist soil conditions making it a great addition to the woodland garden, which blooms around late winter to early spring. The charming clusters of pale yellow flowers brighten up the bleak winter days.

2. Winter Jasmine:

It’s a shrub plant type. The shrubby vine can be grown as a ground cover or trained to climb. It blooms around late winter and requires full sun to partial shade. The slender, willowy branches are attractive as well as remain green throughout the winter that adds a great charm to garden.

3. Crocus:

These cup-shaped flowers bloom from late winter to early spring, often popping their heads up through the snow. They work well in rock gardens and along walkways, providing bright color when you need it the most.

4. Viola/ Pansies:

It’s an annual plant type that can handle little frosts, so they often keep going right on through fall through most of the winter in moderate climates. The adorable flowers look like they have teen tiny faces. The most beautiful advantage of a viola is that even though they are technically annuals, they drop lots of seeds and often pop up on their own in springs.

5. Snowdrop:

It’s a bulb plant type that requires full sun to partial shade to grow and bloom around late January to march. These early-blooming bulbs often emerge as small shoots while snow is still on the ground to provide a breath of fresh air to winter-weary gardeners.

6. Hellebore:

It’s a perennial plant type that requires partial to full shade for optimum growth. Also called a Christmas rose or Lenten rose, this evergreen blooms as early as December in areas with warm winters. In colder climates, it often waits until late winter to reveal its exquisite rose-like flowers, some of which have double petals and dramatic bi-colored patterns that looks amazingly beautiful.

7. Winterberry:

This shrub is a deciduous holly, meaning it drops its leaves in winter. But its gorgeous berry-laden branches pop against a carpet of snow which requires a male pollinator plant to produce the berries.

8. The glory of the Snow:

As the name indicates these little beauties may peep through the snow in the coldest climates. Their brilliant blue, star-shaped flowers feature striking white centers that almost twinkle on a frosty day and creates a star- like bush in the entire garden. They are especially glorious when allowed o naturalize in the rock garden, woodland areas, or lawns.

9. Camellia:

Sometimes called the Rose of Winter, this gorgeous evergreen shrub is a staple of gardens in the South, where its plush rose-like blooms in shades of red, pink, or white will appear as early as December and continue for months that looks so adorable while growing.

10. Witch Hazel:

Witch hazels are invaluable shrubs for winter interest, flowering abundantly from late winter through early spring, even in colder climates. The spider-like flowers, shows a great range in color from yellow to red, that stand out prominently on bare branches and are often intensely fragrant which gives fresh breath to winter-weary gardeners.