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Container Gardening - How To Farm Beautiful Plants In Small Spaces

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To make it big in life, we often leave our big homes in the town and move to cities. However, moving to cities comes with its share of challenges, one of which is confined spaces

We know how satisfying it is to see our favourite flowers, veggies and plants growing in the backyard. However, you need not feel sad and give up on your gardening journey if you have confined space, because container gardening is here to help you continue your gardening journey.

The method of container gardening caters to gardening in small spaces, enabling individuals to cultivate various plants, including vegetables, herbs, microgreens, and ornamental plants in containers. In this blog, we have brought you the benefits of container gardening in small spaces and some amazing simple mini-garden ideas for your space.

Benefits Of Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Gardening in small spaces via container gardening offers a list of benefits that focuses on both the small-space environment and the individual’s connection to nature. Check out some of the prominent benefits of executing simple mini garden ideas via container gardening below:

1. No Space Constraint

Container Gardening

If you live in townhouses or apartments and do not have an outdoor space of your container gardening helps you begin your gardening journey without taking much space. With the help of container garden ideas, a sizable number of plants can be grown in a balcony, a window sill, or in a bright area close to a window.

2. Saves Water

Container Gardening

Apart from limited spaces, water scarcity is another major issue encountered in urban spaces. In this scenario, getting aligned with little garden ideas using containers can help you continue your gardening journey without worrying about frequent watering of plants. In the case of ground gardening, a greater surface area's evaporation quickly dries out the soil, requiring more frequent watering. However, the same is not the case with container gardening.

3. Minimises The Use Of Fertilizers

Container Gardening

Fertiliser application requirement in container-grown plants is less frequent when it comes to feeding. Fertilisers used on potted plants have a longer shelf life because they stay concentrated in the small amount of soil inside the pots, just like water does. However, it is advised to use high-quality organic fertilizer to receive better value for money and increase plant yield. In this respect, you can get your hands on organic liquid fertilizers from Bombay Greens. Our 100% water soluble organic fertilizers, for all vegetables & flowers, work like a liquid meal for your plants and increase the uptake of nutrients in them and provide guaranteed visible results in 7 days.

4. Offers Flexibility

Container Gardening

Container gardening is the solution if you have any physical limitations or if you just don't want to bend over. Pots can be arranged on ledges or shelves for easy access, or you can have huge containers at a comfortable height. Tasks like feeding, watering, and deadheading become less taxing on your back. Keeping the plants at various heights can help you make the most use of the available area.

5. Makes Plant Rotation An Easy Task

Container Gardening

Dark and gloomy spaces can brightened up with the variegated leaves of gold and silver. However, such plants do not last long if kept in a shady place for a long duration. In this case, container gardening allows you to easily relocate them to a sunny position and get other plants to take up the dark spot. Container gardening makes the rotation easy.

Tips For Gardening In Small Spaces

Having understood the various benefits of container gardening, if you are thinking of ways to execute small garden ideas on a budget, then we have got you covered. The tips below highlight the various container garden ideas for small spaces.

Opt For The Right Location

Selecting an ideal location to execute your little garden ideas is crucial for having flourishing plants and herbs. Thus, while choosing a location consider factors like soil quality, wind, sunlight, drainage, and access to water. 

Choose Containers Wisely

Choose an appropriate container size, keeping in mind the plants you intend to cultivate. For instance, raised beds should be at least 6 inches deep to offer adequate soil for roots to grow, and containers should have drainage holes to keep water from collecting at the bottom. 

In this case, you can get your hands on Geo Fabric Grow Bags from Bombay Greens, which makes it easy to grow your favourite fruits, plants, vegetables and flowers. The lightweight and breathable fabric of our grow bags makes them easy to lift, prevents root bounding and counts as a sustainable option in comparison to plastic pots or other traditional pots.

Keep A Check On Soil Quality

For small space gardening to be effective, the soil quality must be maintained. To have the best quality soil for your plants you can buy Organic Composted Fertilizers from Bombay Greens as they are a perfect blend of NPK, help in slowly release of nutrients in the soil and promote a stronger root system. 

Go For Companion Planting

If you want to have more of your favourite plants in the limited space, companion planting is a great method to make the most of available space. Companion planting is a great way to enhance plant health and keep pests away. However, you should be cautious while doing so as not all plants get along with one another. To make the most of available space, mix low-growing plants like lettuce or herbs with tall or trellised plants like beans or peas.

Regular Pruning & Harvesting Is Must

An essential part of keeping up a tiny space garden is routinely harvesting and pruning. Opt for pruning with essential gardening tools like a sharp, clean pruner cutter, eliminate unhealthy plants, and harvest at the proper time. Regularly harvesting veggies and herbs promotes additional growth in addition to allowing you to enjoy the results of your labour.

Final Thoughts

Through this blog, you must have understood how you can make the maximum use of limited space and carry out gardening. Container gardening not only helps you cultivate your favourite plants and veggies, but it also serves as an eco-friendly way of adorning your spaces with your favourite plants. Bombay Greens is here to lend you a helping hand by bringing you gardening essentials such as organic fertilisers, seeds, planters, gardening kits, and more, making your gardening journey easy.