11 Essential Gardening Tools You Must Have

Gardening is not just a hobby, rather it’s an exercise that lets you stay close to the nature, relax, and unwind yourself. However, with the right set of gardening implements you can take your gardening journey to another level. Hence, whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener, there are a few essential gardening tools, that you must have to ease your gardening journey. 

If you are finding it hard to figure out from where to start when it comes to having the necessary tools for gardening, then worry not! In this blog, we bring you a gardening equipment checklist that will make things easy for you. Keep reading!               

Must-Have Essential Gardening Tools and Their Uses

Check out the list below that covers all the tools for successful gardening:

1. Hand Cultivator

A hand cultivator is one of the basic gardening equipment that is very versatile. This tool will help you loosen the soil in which you are planning on planting the seeds. It also helps you churn out the soil so that you can remove weeds.         

It is also not very difficult to use it at all:

  • Hold its handle tightly and firmly in your hands.
  • Then, put its sharp prongs into the soil and use a press, push, then pull motion to break up the compacted and brittle earth soil.

2. Hand Fork

A hand fork is not very different from a hand cultivator. Where a hand cultivator can be used in somewhat larger areas, a hand fork can be used for weeding and loosening the soil in comparatively smaller areas. If you are making a list of beginner gardening tools, then this is a must.

  • Hence, you can use it in small areas, and around delicate plants for weeding and to just pierce the soil with ease. 

3. Big Hand Trowel

A big hand trowel is a must-have basic gardening equipment when you are just starting your gardening journey. It is the most ideal tool, which has multiple functions; transplanting seedlings, digging holes for flower bulbs, and finally, scooping up the soil and dirt,

  • Using it is no rocket science; just hold the trowel with your dominant hand with the big blade pointing slightly downwards and the handle leaning back a little.
  • Then use a rocking motion while penetrating the soil with the trowel for your desired function. 

4. Small Hand Trowel

Same scenario, similar to the big hand trowel, you can use this smaller version in tighter spaces and near delicate areas. This tool is great for penetrating the soil more easily in smaller gardens, or kitchen gardens.

  • The usage of it is the same as the big hand trowel. Holding the handle firmly with the blade pointing slightly downwards and the handle leaning a little bit backward.
  • One thing to remember is that this tool should be used for precision planting and digging smaller holes for transplanting.

5. Hand Weeder

It's in the name, isn’t it? You won’t ever have to worry about nasty weeds anymore with a tool that is specially used for weeding and removing any unwanted roots. It is one of the most necessary gardening tools.

  • The forked end of the tool should be first handled with care because of its sharp nature.
  • Take the fork end and penetrate the soil at the base of the unwanted root.
  • Then take it out of the sol with little to no effort. A simple penetrate and pull motion.

6. Pair of Garden Hand Gloves

No one would like to get pricked by thorns, pointed rocks, or shards of sharp material like glass, or generally would not want any unwanted debris on their hand. Hence, a sturdy and breathable pair of garden gloves, that does not clasp your hand counts for great garden gear.

7. Pruner Cutter

What makes a great-looking garden? We can say one thing that a neat-looking garden, is a great one. A pruner cutter is an easy-to-use garden hand tool just like a scissor which is used for trimming excess branches, keeping the plants tidy and healthy, keeping the shrubs nice and crisp and so much more. 

  • Imagine a big pair of scissors in your hand. While holding the pruner, comfortably but firmly hold the handles of the pruner keeping the blades away from you.
  • Then put the part that you want to trim or remove of the plant in the deepest end of the blade and easily, chop it out. 

8. Shovel

Whether someone knows about other gardening implements or not, everyone has heard of a shovel. A durable shovel is somewhat of a larger garden hand tool that can be used for digging, lifting soil and debris, moving bulk materials like compost, manure and so much more. 

  • Choose a sturdy shovel with a big handle and heavy blade.
  • Dig the blade into the soil for digging. When the blade is in, step-kick the end of the blade a little to get a stronger hold of the soil, and then just simply dig. 

9. Rake

A rake is a garden gear that every beginner gardener needs to have. It may be used to level soil, clean all unwanted debris, and apply manure, compost, or fertilizer.

  • The tines can be used to dig into the soil to loosen it up, remove unwanted debris, and more. Gently jam it into the ground and scrape it like a broom.
  • Or, flip the side of the rake, to smoothen any uneven surface, cover up the seeds from the soil after planting, and pat down the soil for it to have sufficient air circulation.

10. Garden Boots

A good pair of garden boots goes a long way. While gardening, a lot of slippery surfaces are going to be there and you will be using a lot of water. So, purchasing waterproof and slip-resistant garden boots is the way to go about it. A breathable material will keep your feet dry and cool while doing all that heavy work. 

11. Spade

A spade is like a smaller shovel, with a long handle but a narrower blade in comparison to a shovel. It is not common but is one of the tools for a successful garden. 

  • Since it is like a smaller shovel, it is great for digging in concise and smaller areas making it much easier to use rather than a whole shovel for even small areas. 
  • They have a straighter edge blade so it makes it much easier and ideal for cutting grass and leveling the surroundings.

Bottom Line

By now you must have got a hold on what are the necessary tools for gardening. So, if you are ready to kickstart your gardening journey then explore what Bombay Greens has to offer, a 7-in-1 gardening tool kit features all of these essential gardening implements. Each of our garden hand tools is made from the best materials and perfectly ergonomic designs. This toolkit and our other products will help you become a master gardener in no time. So, pull your sleeves up, grab your garden gear, and showcase that you have a natural green thumb!