Wedding Gifts for Plant Lovers: 5 Gift Ideas for Gardening  Enthusiasts

Wedding Gifts for Plant Lovers: 5 Gift Ideas for Gardening Enthusiasts

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For couples with a shared passion for plants, finding the perfect wedding gift ideas can be a delightful opportunity to celebrate their love for both each other and the natural world. Whether they're seasoned gardeners or just beginning to cultivate their green botanical, there are plenty of thoughtful and meaningful wedding plant gifts that can enhance their home, deepen their connection to nature, and enrich their journey together. From lush greenery to personalised planters and plant-based products, these wedding gifts for friends or for anyone who adores plants not only symbolise their commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness but also promise to cultivate a love that grows and flourishes with each passing day.

Are Plants A Good Idea For A Wedding Gift?

Plants make a great wedding gift. They're like a symbol of how love grows over time, just like the couple's relationship. They make any place feel peaceful and pretty, which is perfect for the couple's new life together. Taking care of plants can also be something fun for them to do together, making their bond even stronger. Plus, plants are good for the environment, which fits well with the couple's goal to be eco-friendly. Every time they water, trim, or look at their plant, they'll remember the love and happiness of their wedding day, making it a really special wedding gift for plant lovers.

5 Wedding Gifts To Give Your Friend

Check out these five fantastic wedding gifts for friends that are sure to make their special day even more memorable.

1. Blessings in a Box
This adorable Blessings in a Box gift set is just right for a couple beginning their life together. Inside, you'll find plantable beej Mithais, pooja oil, ceramic diyas, incense cones, and camphor cones, all tucked into a charming gold foil box. These special wedding gifts, lovingly made by hand, will surely be adored by the newlyweds. This box also makes a wonderful wedding return gift idea for all the loving guests.

2. Ceramic Diya Wedding Gift
Ceramic diyas make a perfect wedding gift idea due to their versatility and charm. Handmade and beautifully packed, they add a touch of tradition to any celebration. Easy to clean and reusable, these diyas come in a pack of 6 with mixed colours, ideal for weddings, festivals, or special events.

3. Temple Treasure
Bombay Greens' 'Temple Treasures' gift hamper is a delightful eco-friendly wedding gift idea. With a Temple Offerings Grow Kit, 2 handmade ceramic diyas, and fragrant incense cones, all elegantly packaged in a gold foil box, it's a special way to share love and blessings.

4. Plantable Beej Mithai Grow Kit
This adorable Plantable Beej Mithai Grow Kit gift set is just right for a couple beginning their journey together. Inside, you'll find plantable sweets, pooja oil, ceramic lamps, incense cones, and camphor cones, all tucked into a cute gold foil box. These handmade presents are sure to be treasured by the newlyweds.

5. Planter
A Test Tube Planter makes a wonderful wedding gift, symbolizing growth and new beginnings. This special box includes a wooden desktop planter and three glass test tubes, perfect for adding a touch of greenery to the couple's new home.

5 Wedding Return Gift Ideas For Couples

Looking for the perfect way to express your gratitude to wedding guests? Check out these five thoughtful return gift ideas for couples.
1. Beej Mithai
In India, giving mithai (sweets) as a return gift at weddings is a time-honoured tradition. What better way to continue this tradition than with Beej Mithai? Made from seeds, these sweets not only satisfy the sweet tooth but also grow into plants, symbolizing the growth of love and happiness.

2. Edible Flowers Kit
An Edible Flowers Kit is a wonderful wedding day return gift idea because it lets your guests grow their own beautiful and tasty blooms at home. Each kit comes with everything needed to start a flower garden, including seeds for sunflowers, zinnias, and butterfly peas.

3.Wedding Treats Hamper
The Bombay Greens' Eco-Friendly Wedding Treats Hamper is a wonderful wedding day return gift idea. It contains a delightful mix of flavoured dry fruits, handmade ceramic diyas, and fragrant incense cones, all presented in a decorative box for a sustainable and thoughtful celebration.

4.Temple Offerings Kit
Imagine having your own garden full of temple offerings! With Bombay Greens' Temple Offerings Kit, you can make it happen. This kit has everything you need to grow three sacred plants from seeds: Tulsi, Genda, and Aparajita.

5. Sparkling Wedding Surprise
Bombay Greens' Eco-Friendly Sparkling Wedding Surprise Kit is a delightful gift for your loved ones, blending sustainability with tradition. Inside, you'll discover Plantable Beej Mithais, Handmade Ceramic Diyas, and Fragrant Incense Cones, all beautifully presented in a Decorative Gold Foil Box.


Wedding gifts for plant lovers offer a meaningful way to honour love and the environment. Each gift, from plantable sweets to eco-friendly hampers, represents growth, prosperity, and a commitment to sustainability. Whether for the couple or guests, these gifts will be cherished for years. Ready to infuse your wedding with greenery and eco-consciousness? Explore Bombay Greens' range of thoughtful and sustainable gifts for plant enthusiasts. Shop now to make your special day unforgettable, spreading love, joy, and sustainability with every gift.


1.What to gift as a wedding gift to a gardening lover?
For a gardening enthusiast, consider gifting a flowering plant, a set of high-quality gardening tools, or a decorative plant pot to add beauty to their garden.

2. Can we give a plant as a wedding gift?
Yes, absolutely. Giving a plant as a wedding gift is a thoughtful gesture that symbolises growth, life, and the nurturing of a relationship.

3. Which plant is good for married life?
The Peace Lily is an excellent choice for married life as it symbolises peace, harmony, and tranquillity, fostering a positive atmosphere in the couple's home.

4. What plant represents marriage?
The Two Hearts Philodendron is often associated with marriage, symbolising unity, love, and the intertwining of two lives in a lifelong commitment.